Date: 3/23/2004



Over two hundred thousand mourners at the funeral of Sheikh Yassin, Monday 22 March 2004, were a nightmare for Israel in another sense.

They were too numerous like the black ants from an anthill that suddenly swarm out of their tunnels and holes when disturbed, and cover the earth for as far as the eye can see.

There were lines upon lines of black clad frenzied armed men and women carrying GUNS and GRENADES, shouting threatening slogans, with one aim to KILL, KILL, KILL. They were the followers of a “spiritual” leader who taught them their skill of blowing oneself up with the bomb.

What chance that a Hindu, with the heart of Gandhi or Guru Nanak, was among them, mourning the death of an Islamic “divine” soul? We should also have seen a secular SIKH (“kirpan carrying nishkam sewak”), who, back home, does not mind police general AA Siddiqui in his holy city of Amritsar, nor Abdul Kalam as his Rashtrapati, nor even the absence of LAHORE from the map of Punjab.

An ISLAMIC society does not remain a multicultural or multireligious society for long. All must converge and then MERGE in ONE way of life and worship. (That’s what Aurangzeb wanted.) All non-Muslims are squeezed out, eliminated, despised, converted or forced to flee.

The thought would occur: What an ISLAMIC population explosion Gaza has seen over the last few decades! The thought would occur: How many men in such a society are gainfully employed, well read, well educated, living happily with families?

The thought would occur: This Muslim society will not settle down, will not rest, will not think of education for children except Koran & Indoctrination, and will not “cease fire” except as a political expedience or when kept under foot as during the British rule over West Punjab, Sindh, East Bengal and the whole of Kashmir.

The thought would occur: There are no factories, offices, tools or wherewithal of administration in Gaza where unemployment, “madrassas” and stone throwing are rife.

The thought would occur: The governments in Muslim lands and Muslim majority regions in secular (Hindu/Buddhist) and Christian countries have NO job programme, youth recreation schemes, no construction of factories, sports grounds but would need huge donations and funding from the WEST (including India and Japan) and also large security forces to maintain law and order.

The thought would occur: The Muslim societies are violent, venomous and anti secular to the core, and INCORRIGIBLE.

The thought would occur: The Muslims would be ruled and misruled by MEN (Generals, Dictators and Dynasties) with little to ZERO sensible input by women.

The thought would occur: Their “spiritual” leaders will train and INSPIRE only killers, Jehadis, Mujahids and suicide bombers with the aim of society’s REGRESSION towards its final stage of evolution called the TALIBAN and the Al Qaida.

The thought would occur: What will the restless hungry frenzied and fanatic Islamic hordes, baying for blood, go for, after Israel vacates Gaza?

After grabbing Gaza, they will go for Jerusalem. After grabbing Jerusalem they will go for Tel Aviv, and after that, they will go for another VICTIM.

The thought would occur: They will go for the pretty HINDU “devi” called KASHMIR. Being a virgin, she will attract any number of spiritual leaders from Ghazni to Gaza.

The thought would occur: The future of KASHMIR, KOSOVO and GAZA, and anywhere else where the Muslims have attained the black magic number of 51%, is doomed. Then even the most gentle, Sanskrit loving, vegetarian and bachelor Musalman will become either Sheikh Yassin (or QAID-I-AZAM) or his follower.

Then the Islamic struggle, and later, War of Independence would begin for “Independence from Secularism.”

Then the JEHAD will continue, first AGAINST the infidels, and then for the EXTERMINATION of fellow Muslims, Shia or Sunni.

Then the LOWEST primitive, dark, state of human evolution is reached with the world divided into India and Pakistan, Good and Evil.

The MAN with the COMPUTER exploring Mars on one side and the MUSALMAN with the KORAN riding the camel with his belongings on the donkey on the other. A goatee beard on chin, sideburns on cheeks, black turban on head, four females and 16 children in trail, make a perfect picture of the MAN, the MUSALMAN.

Esteemed readers, this write up becomes very relevant if you can see the shadow of a Muslaman in your own vicinity or country.

Israel will have to surrender GAZA eventually to “buy” TEMPORARY respite (peace). She is too small to be able to do what Hindustan could, that is, DISPERSE THEM ALL OVER with a view to bringing Islam down to 10%, and no more.

Then they will “behave” like Maulana Abul Kalam Azad (the constant Shadow of Nehru) of yesteryear and Abdul Kalam of today. They will love Sanskrit, become vegetarian, praise Gandhi, and speak impeccable Hindi, and forego the pleasure of taking a wife, even one.

Governments and nations that had NO foresight, or committed dereliction of duty, are totally helpless in hindsight and retrospect. Some are DEAD AS DODO.

Yugoslavia had to notice ISLAM in Kosovo during the reign of Marshal Stalin or Marshal Tito. Bandit NEHRU had to permit our JAWANS to recover the whole of North Kashmir, and his daughter, the autocratic empress of Hindustan, the bogus “Conqueror of East Pakistan”, had to disperse the Muslims of South Kashmir and then settle HINDU ex servicemen and their families along the FRONTIERS from Kashmir to Kutch. The Hindus, ruled by their ENEMIES, lost the opportunity.

And Israel had to KICK OUT all the Arabs from Gaza in 1948 when she won her first War of Survival most decisively. It had to be the Arab or the Jew in the end. It has to be the Hindu or the Mohammedan in Lahore and Delhi in THE END.

Now it is too late for Israel in Gaza, Hindustan in Kashmir, and Yugoslavia in Kosovo. Retaining “Muslim infested” territories means crippling expenses on security, unacceptable levels of loss of life and bloodshed, and wasteful (fruitless) efforts to maintain law and order.

Dark forces of Mohammed and his Islam will prevail wherever his followers attain the Lethal Limit (magic figure) of 51%.

Any advice NOW, for Hindustan with regard to South Kashmir? Let us have it.

The continued occupation of South Kashmir and the expenditure of hundreds of millions of dollars in bringing Peace, Secularism and Civilisation to the Muslims there (who have seen how easy it was to fly the Islamic flag over Rawalpindi and North Kashmir), will be as difficult as the occupation of West Punjab and East Bengal. If we cannot contemplate the LATTER, then we cannot retain the FORMER.

The only way to ensure peace in a country, even a part of a country, is to make sure that Muslim Misfits are CULLED or DISPERSED regularly like the pack of wolves in the nearby forest, next to your cattle sheds.

(We, the survivors of ferocious Muslim attacks in Noakhali, 1946, Pakistan, 1947, and Kashmir, 1947 and 1948) can tell this openly to the UNO, the EU and TONY BLAIR.)

Otherwise, we will inevitably get “NOAKHALI” and “RAWALPINDI”, even “WTC TOWERS” and the “TRAIN IN MADRID”, and also twenty “JINNAHS” and “SHEIKH YASSINS” in the areas that seem peaceful, quiet and secular now. Our earth is shrinking but Islamic terrorism is becoming global.

Finally, the thought would occur: What next, after Gaza? The categoric and infallible answer is, “The easiest PREY on earth, the HINDU. Right now he is under the foot of ABDUL KALAM. The Hindus’ record in disappearing from ONE THIRD OF INDIA within one second (midnight, August 15, 1947) is the biggest MAGNET on earth to attract, AND PULL, Musalman.


March 23, 2004 (64th anniversary of “PAKISTAN RESOLUTION” in Lahore that DEMANDED “DEATH TO AKHAND BHARAT”.

On that day the Muslims of India declared, “We are a SEPARATE nation,” AND TOLD (SECULAR) UNITED KINGDOM TO "GET LOST!"

Ignoring that Resolution meant surrender of ONE THIRD OF INDIA’S TERRITORY, and the murder of two million innocent Hindus, within seven years (of the passing of that Resolution).