Date: 3/22/2004


Announcing Yassin's death over mosque loudspeakers, the Hamas leadership said: "Sharon has opened the gates of hell, and nothing will stop us from cutting off his head.'' ISN'T IT THE SAME VERDICT ON HINDU HEADS, TOO?



The so-called spiritual leader and founder of Islamic TERRORIST organisation called HAMAS was killed, Monday 22 March 2004, in Gaza.

He had masterminded numerous suicide bombing attacks and killed HUNDREDS of Israeli citizens, men, women and children, going about their normal lives.

World leaders who unwisely condemned the sagacious act of Israel are impotent to check murderers like the Sheikh who has his counterparts in Kashmir, Kosovo and EAST Bengal.

With regard to INDIA, we would say that she needed to take a similar action with regard to the BIGGEST TERRORIST of history called MOHAMED ALI JINN who demanded the break up of India that led to the massacre of nearly TWO MILLION natives in a few months in 1947.

Had the HINDUS done something glorious like this on August 13 that year, PARTITION would have been averted, Kashmir would have remained a tourists' paradise and life would have gone on normally as before.

The Indians under the "GUN" of Abdul Kalam and the "WILL & WHIP" of Sonia KHAN ought to look around to see if there is any Sheikh on earth who loves our Secularism and will send a SUICIDE BOMBER to liberate North Kashmir and East Bengal.

India had a Sheikh once, called Mujiburrahman. After his land and people were liberated by HINDU Jawans, the venerable Sheikh had the choice of either joining India to enjoy the fruits of divine and fragrant secularism or to stick to his intolerant, stinking, alien, Arabic Islam. The mentally CRIPPLED and intellectually BLIND Bengali Sheikh chose the latter, and paid with his life soon thereafter.

But a nation lacking Will to survive does not tell such things to their children.

Jinnah was not eliminated. Sheikh Mujiburrahman was not hanged to death, and so, millions of Hindus lost their lives and many more will do so in the near future when India has her own home grown Sheikh Yassins by the hundred.

Israel, the size of India' toe, has told India, the size of an elephant, to GO FOR EVERY SHEIKH now while those Hindus are still alive who are meant to meet their Maker in the near future.

When we ask, "Will India listen?" we mean, "Will Abdul Kalam and Sonia Khan listen?" The world knows what a DESPICABLE LET DOWN this hijacked Bharatvarsha is for its permanent ally and well wisher called ISRAEL.

So let us do something to give India her own TONGUE and IDENTITY and an idea of FRIEND & FOE.

With regard to anyone in Islam being a "spiritual" leader, let us laugh. Their biggest spiritual leader was MOHAMMED who pronounced curses on the Jews and the Hindus, and everyone else, too.

India's very own home grown "spiritual" leader was Poet Laureate MOHAMMED Iqbal who inspired the creation of ISLAMIC Pakistan at the cost of Secularism and India.

The real spiritual leader of India was Guru Nanak. His sacred Janmasthan is under the flag of Mohammed the KAFIR KILLER, and we all look on.

When did Abdul Kalam and Sonia Khan regret the fact or shed a tear over the fate of Sri Ram Temple in Ayodhya where true SPIRITUALITY lies shattered, crushed and in ruins.

Rejoice O' Hindus.

In the context of GLOBAL ISLAM and GLOBAL TERRORISM, one evil murderous Sheikh is less in our civilised secular world where we even tolerate the intolerant separatist Muslims among us.

The Sheikh ought to have suggested, "Let all the refugees from here move to Pakistan where, in 1947, the Indian Muslims occupied more houses and dwellings from the fleeing and murdered Hindus than all the PLO people on earth."

That NO Islamic Republic has so far spared even a sq. km. for these refugees shows what a PERMANENT BLOODLETTING MISCHIEF Islam really is.

Soft-hearted Gandhian Hindus, please stop shedding tears for this ISLAMIC "live bomb" of Gaza. His timely assassination is a stark LESSON for PARTITIONED India itself. "Let us all ELIMINATE or EXTERMINATE every Sheikh in South Asia like Sheikh Ahmed Yassin, and NOT REST till Lahore and Chittagong are squarely back in Bharat so that our secular lolly pop, too, becomes worth "sucking".