Date: 3/12/2004



1. The Indian is a coolie, A serf, and a timid slave BY CONDITIONING.

He regards any smell of POLITICAL freedom as his death warrant. He shies away from the idea of holding power at the top. Suggest to the Tamils and the Marathas to ask for the SAME kind of freedom from the strangulating, repressive Central Government in New Delhi, what Belgium and the Czech Republic enjoy. They will shrink in TERROR. Suggest to them to just ask for the provisions of Article 370 that are enjoyed by the only Muslim majority State called SOUTH Kashmir, they will tuck their tails between their legs and run away.

Suggest to East Punjab to demand the same kind of Sovereignty and a Seat at UNO that India’s former Prime Minister, Mrs. Indira Gandhi conferred upon EAST Bengal, the tall turbaned Sardars will collapse with FEAR.

2. Ask the PARLIAMENT of India to CONFER freedoms upon their DEGRADED, humble and humiliated Hindu subjects. They will ask Supreme Commander Abdul Kalam, the Muslim, to POINT THE GUN AT YOU.

HINDU midgets and dwarfs, who have always had a MOHAMMED as Sultan or Emperor an Italian White Elephant as the Mother of Nation, and a European as Viceroy or Governor, are just not used to grabbing, exercising and holding on to POWER. Hence the UTMOST EASE with which they salute, salam and lick the ALIENS and the FOREIGNERS on top of them.

3. Each and every citizen of EUROPE, and NORTH and SOUTH America, is simply shocked at the idea of ONE THOUSAND MILLION Indians being “driven” by the stick of one Italian Born female and the GUN of one MOHAMMEDAN called Abdul Kalam. Ideologically and spiritually they are the SWORN ENEMIES of the native HINDUS.

It can only be by the stretch of "Indian" imagination to believe that these two are their well-wishers and want the Hindus to breathe on earth.

It is high time for change in Venezuela, Haiti, Irak and Greece. (March 2004) but it will never be high time for the wretched Indian slaves to have a change. That will only come when the Muslim MINORITY, just as in 1947, decide to draw their swords, daggers, knives and sticks, and GO FOR THE FLEEING HINDU.

In 1947 more Hindus were killed from the back than from the front. The whole lot, from Karachi to Gilgit in the West and from Chittagong to Sylhet in the East were ON THE RUN. Fleeing Hindus lost their belongings to the MUSLIM predators. No Government of India has yet established a Commission or Court to RECORD those events in detail.

Farmers, shop owners, businessmen and public servants LOST EVERYTHING that they had possessed and acquired over generations. Unmistakenly and unequivocally most clearly ONLY ONE COMMUNITY became MAN KILLER “beasts” overnight.

It was the followers of MOHAMMED. Free world will perish sooner or later if we do not recognise the FATE OF “FLEEING” HINDUS in 1947 who chose Gandhi as their “supreme commander”. Today the Hindus have chosen their Supreme Commander with the same lack of care and interest in survival.

Every HINDU is CRIMINAL THROUGH COWARDICE. Every Hindu is CRIMINIAL THROUGH TRUST IN ENEMY. Every Hindu is a (damn) fool who cares a lot ONLY for his own "nirvana" and his family’s well being but is not prepared to invest anything into COLLECTIVE dignity, safety and survival. This is seen from the ease with which the Hindus surrendered and then evacuated the whole of Western and Eastern India wherever the MUSLIM ENEMY rose above 50% of population. That was the British version of democracy by which the Hindu was sacrificed like the sheep at Eid.

The Hindu himself cares two hoots about his future. He is investing nothing in ensuring a HINDU future for his chileren. In this respect the Sikh, though more spirited and volatile, is a HINDU. Most still believe that Bandit Nehru’s Congress Party is the best to rule their EAST Punjab where the previous Congress leaders surrendered LAHORE to the enemy and where in June 1984 the Congress Government of Indira Gandhi attacked their historic holy shrine in Amritsar.

How can we transform the Congress Intimidated COOLIE COLONY of Hindustan into THE UNITED STATES OF INDIA where Gujarat will have the dignity of California and Maharashtra will have a seat at UNO like EAST Bengal?