Date: 2/25/2004


A TV documentary on NATURE showed a patch of sparse wilderness in Siberia. It showed a pack of wolves out hunting for food. The camera than focussed on a cow that was a bit slower than the others in running. It got separated and at once attracted the beasts.

The wolves soon caught up with her and one leapt up to dig its teeth in the neck while two others bit deep into the cow's hind legs. Thus bleeding the cow managed to drag itself along a few meters till it lay still, exhausted. Soon other wolves joined in the feast.

When I recall that scene, I think of the fate of North Kashmir, EAST Bengal and West Punjab, and the REST OF INDIA, that we were meant to keep AKHAND.

Where was the OWNER of the cow?


.....................RAPE VICTIM WENT SILENT

The young shop assistant finished her work and locked up the shop. She was walking home along a short lonely stretch of road when she was suddenly grabbed from behind by a rascal and dragged behind some bushes beside the road.

The man held a sharp knife against her neck and threatened to kill her if she screamed or told anybody afterwards.

She submitted to her agonising ordeal in terror that is beyond the power of words to describe. She was disgraced and degraded, and robbed of her self-esteem.

On the way home she had other worries. "If I tell my husband, he will leave me or never treat me as before. If I tell my friends I shall lose my face, becoming the object of their gossip behind my back.

And what if my children learnt of my degrading ordeal? Will they feel all right at mummy's loss of dignity and honour?"

She made up her mind, NOT to tell.

When she reached home, her husband said, "Why are you late?" "I couldn't close the shop earlier due to some customers who were taking their time."

Nice excuse. The lady saved her face. She felt good that none knew what she had gone through. But the rascal (Beiman, Shaitan, Haiwan), now much emboldened, was in wait, this time with a companion.

They grabbed her a week later when she happened to be walking alone, near the same spot. They kept her pinned down for hours putting her through gruesome ordeal and ran away when she passed out. Did she hear one whisper "Soob Haan Allah", seeing her beauty? She will never know.

A few minutes later, a passer-by saw her and called the police and the ambulance. Their wailing sirens brought a lot of curious onlookers to the spot. She was in all the newspapers with her photograph- on front page.

The top Indian leaders, who call the BLOODY BRUTAL and SAVAGE PARTITION "Independence" or "Tryst with Destiny", are similarly hiding something very sinister.

They are not all like that ABUSED and VIOLATED woman, who had good reasons to seal her lips. So what is THEIR problem?

What is the problem of our TOP Hindu stalwarts, heroes and "netas"? Let us be OUT with it, just to avoid the deadly looming CIVIL WAR (or THE SECOND PARTITION). Lady Hindusthan wants to have her defeat and degradation AVENGED.

Why are our RashtraPITAS and RashtraPATIS and RashtraMATAS calling history's worst ever unconditional defeat and surrender "Independence"? Is the surrender of Sindh, Baluchistan, West Punjab, NWFP, North Kashmir, EAST Bengal and the Sylhet district of Assam, along with ALL the Hindus, Buddhists and Sikhs, and their families, businesses, possessions and places of worship, a matter of joy and celebration?

Please find out the reason and post your own DISCOVERY (OF INDIA) on this List.