Date: 11/29/2003


A veteran asks a Muslim in turn who boasted, "Islam is a standard religion":

.......What do you actually mean by Standard Religion.

A Religion whose Mullas preach even today that the Earth is flat because Prophet said so, in this 21st. Century whereas Hindu mythologies of over 10,000 years old have stated of the Earth and planets and their movements accurately- even the distance between Sun and Earth!!

A Religion that calls on its followers to kill all non-believers soon after coming out of Friday Prayers?

A Religion that permits beating of the wives and women and even prophet beat his young wife Ayesha?

A Religion that permits sodomy and lustful incest besides use of women slaves for sex?

A Religion that promises 72 black eyed virgins for sex in heaven, where the male organ remains erect to satisfy all, for those who sacrifice their lives for religion- as suicide bombers?

I could go on asking several such questions and quote extensively from Quran on all above topics.

Is it a standard religion in this 21st Century-when Taliban ruled Afghanistan prohibited shaving of beards, education and working of women, women to move fully covered-veiled and accompanied by husband or father and several such anachronistic idea-s?

The list of absurdities in Islam is endless. We just need to ask the Muslim WOMEN aspiring to enter the Islamic heaven. They know who is waiting for them, and what is on offer to them.