Date: 11/25/2003



The other day the whole world heard a most shocking and humiliating news with regard to our BHARATVARSHA. Yet one has not seen any reaction to that anywhere.

One wonders, "Do we have a THINKING cap on India's head?" And, "Who is the Supreme Commander of our gallant troops who are shedding blood for the nation across that bogus cease-fire line in Kashmir where Pakistan keeps her hand to turn on and turns off the tap of our firing guns?"

The news that apparently came as a big relief to India was Pakistan's unilateral declaration of cease fire in DISPUTED Kashmir.

We said "disputed" because so long as India's secular flag is not able to fly in Muzaffarabad in North Kashmir, the status of the state must be DISPUTED even in our own eyes. The DISPUTE will end when North Kashmir and South Kashmir are squarely back in India.

Can we have the ENEMY occupying North Kashmir and the TERRORISTS firing on us relentlessly since 1947, and still say, "There is no dispute there, and nothing is disputed."?

The cease-fire was declared by Pakistan at the end of the month of Ramadan when the Muslims of the sub continent gather spiritual strength and resolve, to conquer the rest of India, too.

Pakistan's declaration was FOLLOWED by India's own immediately. That was strikingly remarkable COLLAPSE of India.

The nation ought to get hold of India's Supreme Commander, and put him in the dock and ask TWO questions-

1. Why did you respond to Pakistan's step immediately? Were you praying, or waiting anxiously, for Pakistan to make the FIRST saintly move?

Do you know what your India was fighting about in the first place?

And if Pakistan was the one to START the firing, what action have you taken to ensure that they do not dare to start firing again?

If you were so ready and willing to cease-fire immediately, why did you not cease-fire BEFORE the month of Ramadan? Wouldn't that have been an INITIATIVE and proof of India's superiority and clever thinking?

2. What about the PSYCHOLOGICAL implication of your cowardly response? What is the IMPACT on our Jawans who see India as a lamb in the jaws of a tiger? The lamb is very happy when unexpectedly it escapes after the tiger stumbles on a rock and opens its mouth accidentally.

This is not the way to project a great country like India to the world.

It appears to us that India regards the serious business of bloody war in Kashmir as the leisurely game of tennis. Both sides hit the ball and the game stops when the ball falls into a ditch alongside, and has to be brought back.

Finally, if not Hindustan, then pray tell us, which other country on earth knows better, that MOHAMMED'S ceasefires were always to gain advantage of time or resources over the ENEMY?

Any idea of the cease fire Shivaji agreed on several times? And what about the most notorious one, with an oath on KORAN, taken before Guru Gobind Singh when he was betrayed immediately afterwards, losing his little sons to the enemy. Do your MP's or Cabinet not know of at least a hundred other cease-fires by the Muslim adversary, all taken or signed on Koran? Go on, Supreme Commander, DON'T BE SO IGNORANT about your country's enemies. How can you fight a war, given SUCH ignorance? Your Indian subjects must be "rabbits" to rejoice at this latest cease-fire.

Alas, India is in the hands of either fools or the ENEMY who loves Pakistan.

We Hindus ought to put India (what is left of her after PARTITION) in our own hands straightaway. Then the ceae-fire will be declared only when Pakistan, the aggressor, the terrorist, begs pardon first for starting the mischief, and not when they feel well-fed and bloated after the feast of Ramadan.

Given the "HINDU RASHTRA" (long overdue logical consequence of conceding MUSLIM Pakistan and BOGUSdesh), ceasefires will NOT be declared just on the whim of a TERRORIST Mohammedan State to be responded promptly, and with alacrity, by the meek and cowardly Gandhian State.

India's clueless Supreme Commander ought to have got his high chair only AFTER learning the elementary basics about ISLAM, especially about Pakistan, that she was NOT created to pacify Mahatma Gandhi's "misguided Muslim children" who, as our Bapu believed, would then cease fire PERMANENTLY and also delete the word "KAFIR" from Koran.

One would have respected the Supreme Commander of India had it been the Hindus' first ever cease-fire of history while taking on our PERENNIAL enemy.

One more question, "Supreme Commander" of India before you vanish, "Will anyone on earth object if India invades and OCCUPIES Pakistan? Did YOUR OWN COUNTRY (India) object to American invasion and occupaton of Afghanistan and Iraq?

Be strong and you will be credible and even respected. Be weak and cease-firing, and you will INVITE A LAUGH. Your people will not tolerate insult and BETRAYAL of our country and the armed forces any more. Soon your own soldiers are going to shout, "India's Supreme Commander is just another "bunya" under a Muslim name."

....................November 25, 2003...............