Date: 10/24/2003



Namaskar to all

> i have a query to make that

> hither to anyone could certified

> how guru gobind singh was murdered or killed

> if anybody has any authenticated evidence to endorse their

belief ,please share.

> humbly




Dear Sukh Bhai Sahib,

Asking questions is a godly act. You have asked a question and have thus delighted me.

Most people, especially INDIANS (rather HINDUS and SIKHS) do not ask questions. For centuries we have not been allowed to ask questions.

As a result of NOT ASKING, we are the most ignorant people on earth.

Here are some QUESTIONS that I would like to ask any Hindu/Sikh scholar:-

1. How many people know, EVEN TODAY, what price was charged by Pandit Nehru and his party for the surrender of the grand cities of Lahore, Gujranwala and Rawalpindi?

2. How many Hindus and Sikhs ever ask, "When and Why did FEROZE KHAN, husband of Indira Nehru become a "Gandhi"?

3. Did Rajiv and Sonia bring any academic certificates from Cambridge in England?

4. How can India have a MUSLIM President after PARTITION when all her INDIGENOUS Muslims were PAKISTANI?

5. Why is there NO HINDU HOLOCAUST MUSEUM, and NOT even a SIKH HOLOCAUST MUSEUM anywhere in Bharat or EAST Punjab?

6. Why is the political status of East Punjab ("coolie colony" under Delhi) different from that of (sovereign) East Bengal?

7. Why will India not try the BOFORS CHOR (Rajiv Khan, s.o.B.) for his illegal commissions from the Swedish Gun Company?

8. Whny is the Supreme Commander of India HOPELESSLY USELESS against MUSLIM terrorists who shot dead 36 Sikhs on one evening in South Kashmir and ONE HUNDRED Hindu pilgrims to Amar Nath Cave one night a few years ago?

9. When will someone ask, How can Secularism be "AMRIT" in Delhi when it is POISON in Lahore?

10. Why only South Kashmir enjoys all the privileges under Article 370 of India's Constitution? Why not WEST Bengal and EAST Punjab?

11. Why is the Chief Minister of EAST Punjab the only DEGRADED man who must rule his state from UNION TERRITORY despite Rajiv-Longowal Accord of 1986?

12. Why can't the COMBINED WILL of the Hindu nation prevail upon Sonia Khan (Gandhi) to embrace the Hindu religion? Why is it SO ROTTEN or INFERIOR for her and Abdul Kalam?

13. How will Hindustan defend Delhi when she could not defend Lahore?

14. How is it that ONE BILLION weak (not strong) Hindus have still to raise Sri Ram Temple in Ayodhya? Why do they need permission of the Catholic Church and approval of the World Of Islam for it?

15. Why do Hindu girls always embrace ISLAM on marrying a Mohammedan, even in Bharat? How many Muslim girls in India have embraced the Hindu religion on marrying a Hindu fellow?

16. Why are the Muslims EXEMPT from family planning in Bharat? Why do they have Sharia Law for the Muslims in PARTITIONED India?

17. What are the terms and conditions of the SURRENDER of one third of India's surface area to the INDIGENOUS Muslims in 1947?

18. Why can't Ayodhya and Amritsar have AUTONOMOUS status like the Vatican? Why can't they have Short Wave broadcasting to reach the whole world?

19. Why has NO ONE bothered to research the names, ages, sex and addresses of all those massacred in East and West Pakistan in 1947?

.....................and so on and so on.

The nation that does not ask such questions is like a herd of cattle. So how can we make the INDIANS stand up, think and ASK QUESTIONS like human beings? How?

Once again Sukh Bhai, THANK YOU for asking the question about Guru Gobind Singh ji.

It should be noted that he was born in Bihar, raised his army and fought oppression in Punjab and accepted MARTYRDOM in Maharashtra.

A more or better ALL INDIA divine leader one cannot iamgine. He ought to be regarded the DIVINE INSPIRING GURU of all the Hindus and Sikhs, not just the Sikhs.

Thank you for INSPIRING us to write all this. Any comment, you may post on the same List.

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