Date: 9/20/2003




................. A father's call for Justice

A father has lost his family and now his heart at the delay in court proceedings in CBI Special Court, Patiala(Punjab-India) regarding the killing of his younger son Jugraj Singh(27) in a fake encounter by Punjab Police in 1995.

Mohinder Singh, a retired officer from Punjab Legislative Assembly is at the last lap of his life. He is 71 years old. His son Jugraj Singh, then aged 27 years was picked up by a police party of SAS Nagar, Mohali from Phase VII, Mohali on January 14, 1995 alongwith his maruti van. Inspite of best efforts to trace him, when the family could not get any information about him, the matter was brought to the notice of Police of SAS Nagar, Mohali but no F.I.R. was registered nor any action taken on the complaint.Telegram was also sent to the then Hon'ble Chief Justice of Punjab & Haryana High Court on 16.1.1995 which was treated as a Petition and notices were issued to the Mohali police. Later on a detailed petition was filed by the father before Hon'ble Mrs.Justice Sarojani Saxena and Hon'ble High Court was pleased to order a CBI inquiry on 2.5.1995 and directed the Central Bureau of Investigation to submit its enquiry report within three months. The CBI submitted its final report on 16.8.1996 wherein they held that Jugraj Singh was a terrorist and he was killed in an encounter by the Punjab police alongwith another person in District Majitha and he is no more alive. On 8.8.1997, Hon'ble Mr.Justice K.K.Srivastva of Punjab & Haryana High Court ordered the CBI to present its final report in the Court of Special Judge, CBI, at Patiala and also directed the Special Judge to afford an opportunity to the Complainant(Mohinder Singh) before deciding the said report.

On February 27, 1998, CBI filed its final report for acceptance in the Court of Special Judge, CBI, Patiala. On receiving the summons from the Court on 18.3.1998, Mohinder Singh filed a protest petition against the CBI report which recommended for the closure of the case. The CBI in its closure report also held that the Complainant had failed to substantiate the allegations levelled against the Punjab police. Thereafter, an application was filed by Mohinder Singh in the Court for supply of copies of documents attached in the CBI investigation file, but the same was dismissed. Against that dismissal order, a Criminal Misclaneous Petition was filed by the distressed father in the Hon'ble High Court which was also disposed off vide order dated June 2, 1999. By this order, the Hon'ble High Court had directed the Court to record evidence of the Complainant before deciding the closure report of the CBI. Thereafter, Mohinder Singh examined ten witnesses including himself to prove that his son was picked up by the Punjab police and thereafter his whereabouts were not known. After examining the evidence till December 2000, the Court of Mr.Jaspinder Singh, Special CBI Judge, Patiala rejected the CBI report and ordered further investigation, vide order dated 9.4.2003. The court ordered the CBI to complete its report within three months.

Sadly, the CBI failed to make any efforts to clarify the doubts raised by the Special Judge, CBI and acted with utter callousness. Mohinder Singh believes that the CBI's investigation in this case is faulty and the Investigating agency is playing into the hands of the guilty police officials of Punjab Police. In order to scuttle his efforts and without caring a wee bit for the time granted to it by the Special Judge, CBI, Patiala, Mr.Inspector Naresh Talwar of CBI, New Delhi in a clandestine manner filed an application in the Court of Duty Magistrate, Patiala on July 9, 2003, seeking extention of three more months to complete the investigation. Shockingly, without calling the Complainant or his counsel and without hearing both parties, Mr.Satpal, Judicial Magistrate,(Duty), Patiala gave three more months extention to CBI till 9.10.2003.

Mohinder Singh's wife expired in September 2002 because of the shock suffered by her. His elder son had already expired and now he is all alone fighting the case with little resources. Feeling is increasing day by day that justice has not been done to him and by granting three months extention, the Court has caused mis-carriage of justice for which he has written a request letter to the Chief Justice of Punjab & Haryana High Court on September 20, 2003 for appropriate action against the CBI.


Thank your stars if you are an Indian living ABROAD. You are beyond the reach of the "terrorists in uniform" (POLICE) and "eunuchs in uniform" (MILITARY).

The police LIKE THE POLITICIANS is corrupt and useless. The army, like a rag bag mercenary force, has FAILED to recover North Kashmir and LAHORE from the ENEMY.

The President and Supreme Commander of India, ABDUL KALAM, a Muslim and, therefore, a PAKISTANI by definition under the ACT OF PARTITION OF INDIA, 1947, is delighted at his own good luck. The Hindus of HINDUSTAN regard him as ONE OF THEM.

.....That is camauflage and concealment at his very best.

..............Concgratulations Mr. ABDUL KALAM.

A HINDU, aspiring to be the Mayor of the City of Lahore, or Governorship of Sindh, would have been torn into bits and thrown to dogs within 24 hours. Has there been a HINDU candidate for these posts since August 1947? Why not?

....Now, back to this father, an INDIAN by birth, looking for his lost son, AND JUSTICE.