Date: 9/13/2003


When there are no answers to OBVIOUS questions, it give rise to conjectures.

So why is there NO Indian embassy in Vilnius?

One answer is that India is TOO ASHAMED to acknowledge the rapid and unhindered development and PROGRESS of Lithuania since her independence only 12 years ago. India in contrast has been crawling.

The other reasons can be seen from the following passages:

Collectively the Hindus are zero in ideology and nill in politics when it comes to higher long ranging vision or stratery.

Many Lithuanians, who cherish their LINGUISTIC and cultural ties with Mother India often wonder, “How is it that India still does not have a diplomatic mission in VILNIUS?”

They will never know, UNLESS TOLD, that India of their dreams is simply dead or a concubine of Italy and Islam. India is still a colony, a slave nation. This has been her inheritance FOR CENTURIES and things cannot change overnight unless there is a revolution or patriotic leadership in command.

India has not had a revolution. The British left amicably with guard of honour provided by Pandit Nehru's mercenary Indian Army to the last departing British troops at “Gateway to India” in Mumbai (then Bombay).

"Bandit" Jawaharlal Nehru who suddenly found himself in the prime minister’s chair, kissed Lady Edwina Mountbatten (the wife of Viceroy) on her right cheek and whispered in her ears, “See you soon in London, darling.” Of course he went to Lodnon on one pretext or another as many times as he could thereafter, and at poor Indian TAX PAYER'S EXPENSE, too.

So none can say India won her freedom after a revoluion, or due to heroism of CRAFTY Pandit Nehru and the appeasing surrendering "mahatma" GANDHI.

The Indian leadership is certainly not patriotic if they FAILED to challenge that unwarranted brutal ISLAMIC ATTACK of 1947 but accepted UNCONDITIONAL SURRENDER of one third of her territory at Partition.

This treacherous leadership has substituted the word “independence” for “PARTITION” in order to appease Islam.

Appeasement of Islam has been India’s foreign policy too. People across the world have now realised that one can ask the PLO leader Yasser Arafat as to how India will vote at the UN next.

India herself has NO identity or personality. She is BLIND and led by Itlay and Islam. Her PRESIDENT at this time HAD TO BE A MOHAMMEDAN by the name of ABDUL KALAM (That is NO Sanskrit or Hindi), who, we are told, has turned a vegetarian after making those devastating NUCLEAR BOMBS that can wipe out MILLIONS of humans within minutes. He loves Sanskrit we are told, but must be praying in Arabic out of public eye since he is a MOSLEM.

So the future Indian embassy in Vilnius is a prey to the deadly designs of Italy and Islam with regard to the Hindus of Hindustan.

The RULING (AND FOOLING) ESTABLISHEMNT OF INDIA fear that the Indian embassy in Vilnius will make travel between the two countries easier and bring awareness of India culture to the Lithuanians. There is, therefore, the special nightmare that the Pagans of Lithuania will derive some comfort from the Hindus of India.

There will be an India embassy in Vilnius either when Islamic flag flies over Delhi once again, or when the whole country converts to Catholic faith like Lithuania with the Pope as her spiritual Lord. Then India and Lithuania will be “BHAI BHAI” just as India and China were in the eyes of Jawaharlal Nehru before China invaded India and gave a crushing defeat to India Army in 1962.

China still occupies Aksai Chin in Kashmir and Pakistan still occupies the UNMENTIONALBLE Noth Kashmir. The Indian people are too intimidiated, ignorant and impoverished under State design to ask questions or to notice anything beyond family discussions and interests.



The current ambassador, HE Bharath Raj Muthu Kumar, wife: Anuradha Muthu Kumar, presented credentials to Lithuanian President after ONE AND A HALF YEARS OF ARRIVING IN MINSK.

As early as 2001, it was agreed by India to open an embassy in Vilnius when President Valdas Adamkus visited India. But nothing has happened since. (11 September 2003).

...............Will anything EVER happen?

People of Lithuania have great respect for India. Perhaps that is precisely why the Indian embassy CANNOT open in Lithuania. What about Sonia KHAN’S veto: “More Hindus going to Lithuania, where their Pagan past is not yet totally forgotten, will mean great danger to the Catholic church there.”

Yes, Sonia Khan is RIGHT. More than any other people on earth the Lithuanians wish to know more about Hindu religion of peace and universalism.

But when (When?) will India show up her identity as HINDUSTAN and march forward on earth?

She needs to open her embassy in Vilnius without any further delay. We should all send our letters of protest to President ABDUL KALAM even though he may agree with Sonia Khan fully in keeping his India isolated and unknown in the world.

What a marvellous President and “mother of nation” the Hindus of PARTITIONED India have got today!

Generations of Hindus have to be born and die before an Indian Embassy is opened somewhere in the STRATEGIC Baltic region of North East Europe.

If Italy and Islam have any say in India, that will never come about.

.......................11 Sep. 03