Date: 3/5/2003


...................THE GREAT MARTYR OF MULTAN

Today, March 5, 2003, is the 56th. anniversary of a great heroic incident in the annals of Hindustan.

On that day in 1947 Sardar Nanak Singh, President MINORITIES FEDERATION and Vice President, BAR ASSOCIATION, MULTAN**, fearing the slaughter of millions of innocent citizens of India, declared at a huge public rally, “We must resolutely oppose the Muslim plans to break up India and then IMPOSE alien Islamic Constitution on more than one third of India.”

(** the ancient city of Multan, the city of BHAGAT PRAHLAD, is now in Pakistan due to cowardice and High Treason of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru.)

Sardar NANAK SINGH could clearly foresee the Imperial game to leave India in three BLEEDING fragments with her citizens embroiled in mutual hostility forever that would guarantee the perpetual impoverishment of India and her dependence on the foreigners.

He foresaw the foreigners coming in, taking advantage of India’s weakness and disunity, and the resurgence of perpetually separatist ISLAM.

He had some premonition of the total collapse of India’s top leaders, Gandhi and Nehru, over the defence of Secularism and Territory. So, he ended his hour long rousing speech with the public pledge, “India will be cut on my DEAD body.”

His speech was hailed with standing ovation for several minutes, and all the citizens of Multan felt full of optimism and cheer for the first time in years.

But tragically while Sardar NANAK SINGH enthused the patriots, he also set the evil “PAKISTANIS” (MUSLIMS) dead set against him.

They swore to assassinate him, and so, silence the voice of secularism and communal harmony in the country.

Sardar Nanak Singh was assassinated within 12 hours of his giving that solemn pledge to the nation.

There was a violent reaction and the city of Multan was immediately engulfed in FLAMES. The followers of Mohammed were torching Hindu and Sikh homes, shops and business premises, and stabbing and killing anyone they could catch. Islamic barbarity turned the happy and peaceful city into Hell in no time.

The shrill cries of Hindu and Sikh families being roasted alive in their own homes were reaching the gods in the sky but not the ears of Pandit Nehru, Mahatma Gandhi, and the British rulers of the day.

Had India been really independent, instead of being fragmented and trapped under the JACKBOOT of Islam (Abdul Kalam) and the POPE (Sonia Khan), the anniversary of Sardar NANAK SINGH’S great sacrifice and martyrdom would have been celebrated across India and his statue would have stood at the entrance to Parliament in New Delhi.

But the sad fact is that hardly any MP and cabinet minister seems to know of the great MARTYR OF MULTAN.