Date: 2/15/2003


The sT. Valentine Day 2003 fell on February 14. While the world was renewing the promises of love, there was the sea of HATRED swelling in the Mohammedan’s heart. The man was of Middle East appearance with Venezuelan passport. To re-inforce HIS spiritual poison he carried a copy of KORAN with him.

On the same day when two million of his fellow Muslims were throwing stones at the imaginary DEVIL, he perceived his REAL devils to be the INNOCENT families and friends travelling on an aeroplane flying from Caracas to London Gatwick.

In decent religions, WATER is the purifying agent of soul. It is ever flowing, it is LIFE GIVING and it is nourishing. But in the wild, snake and lizard infested DESERT OF ARABIA, Mohammed had no such cooling agent on hand. In the barren and burning landscape there were heaps of stones all round. Instead of LOVE, there was HATRED in his heart. So he had three pillars raised with stones and rocks and asked his followers to pick up pebbles and throw at the pillars, seven a piece and curse the devil. Thus arose the infantile sadistic game of HITTING the imaginary devil out of HATRED that was developed and refined into MURDER, RAPE & PLUNDER OF THE NON-MUSLIMS in the following centuries.

Since the man with the sword can prevail upon a hundred with rosaries, Mohammed’s HATRED OF MANKIND, inspired and "charged" his following to lash out in all directions wielding sword and stick. The result was the BRUTAL conquest of the world from Morocco to Indonesia within a hundred years of his DEATH.

But he left his legacy of HATRED and STONING. They stone the pillars near Mecca every hear and gather from across the world to do the crude and ludicrous primitive INFANTILE ritual of juvenile delinquents, and take great pleasure all the year round in following the Sharia Law that prescribes STONING TO DEATH a female who has had a secret Valentine. Men escape, of course, and are thus encouraged to seduce another female. The savage way of brutally murdering the women was Mohammed’s idea of birth control.

His HEART FILLED WITH HATRED, our man from Caracas arrived at London Gatwick Airport. The customs officers found a LIVE grenade in his suitcase and gave the alarm. The man was promptly arrested, the airport evacuated, and the flights delayed or cancelled.

"The Daily Telegraph," Britain’s leading daily newspaper wrote on page 1 on St Valentine Day (February 14, 2003),

“Gatwick airport’s north terminal was closed and evacuated yesterday in a major security alert after a live hand grenade was found in the luggage of a man arriving on a British Airways flight.

The 37 year-old passenger flew into London on flight BA 2048 from Venezuela, which had stopped in Colombia and Barbados before flying on to Gatwick.

It is believed he boarded the flight in the Venezuelan capital, Caracas.

The suspect was detained when his bags were searched and he grenade discovered by Customs officers after he left the Boeing 777 airliner.

“The item has been examined by explosives officers and it appears to be a live grenade,” said a policed spokesman.

Unconfirmed reports suggested that the man, who was travelling on a Venezuelan passport, was a Muslim.

It is believed that a copy of the Koran was found among his possessions.

The incident increased tension in London, which was already on a high state of alert. Armed troops were still guarding Heathrow- where two men were arrested yesterday during searches of cars- and extra security measures were in place at Stansted.

Ministers discussed closing Heathrow this week following intelligence information, which suggested that the airport could be the target of a missile attack by Islamic terrorists.

Closure of the capital’s main airport was rejected on the grounds that it would cause “catastrophic” damage to the economy and represent a victory for the terrorists.

But the discovery of the Gatwick grenade led to swift implementation of the security procedure to close the north terminal for the first time since the 1984 Brighton bombing.

The arrest also raises serious concerns over airport checks at a time of increased threat around the world. Baggage checks in Caracas we said to be slack and carried out by civilian contractors rather than police. Luggage is not searched in front of passengers.

Gatwick’s north terminal was re-opened after four hours at 7.41 p.m. to a huge cheer from the thousands of passengers waiting to catch flights.

But chaos continued into the night as the airport struggled to get back to normal.

Passengers hoping to fly from the north terminal had been sent t airport hotels. Incoming flights were diverted to the south terminal and many passengers waited hours to disembark.

One passenger said, !It’s a joke. No one seems to know what is going on.”

BA2048, carrying 125 passengers, landed at Gatwick at 1.23 p.m.

The passenger did not arouse suspicion until he arrived at Customs where his hold luggage was searched and the grenade discovered.

He was detained around 2.30 p.m.

David Blunkett, the Home Secretary, said the arrests showed that the terrorist threat was real and not exaggerated as some critics of the Government had claimed.

“Today two people have been taken into custody at Heathrow and a man off a plane at Gatwick, which is quite a separate issue, had been found to have a hand grenade,” said Mr. Blunkett.

“First, it reinforces that we really do have a problem as people have been saying that it doesn’t exist.”

“Second it means that our security services are on the ball. Third, over the next few days we need to follow these leads through.”

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What a CHAOS to a major world airport and to the thousands of passengers, was caused by just one “Mohammed”, who was born in the Middle East, acquired the passport and the grenade in Latin America and wanted to kill some innocent people in LONDON, in this day and age.

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They came in like cockroaches and straightaway made for bushes, crevices, pits and holes under ground. Slowly they are coming out with grenades and copies of Koran, roused to frenzy by Allah (who created the devil and then asked his Believers to KILL him) to “stone the infidels.”

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In Partitioned India the HINDUS have voluntarily gone under the terror of Islam and appointed their Defender of Faith who reads the KORAN at night.

ABDUL KALAM is in a dilemma that no pandit and sardar has any clue about. His concern is how to keep the Hindu head DOWN and the Sikh sticking to his symbols, including the underpants and a comb.

Abdul Kalam is not the patron of any Charity or the father of any INITIATIVE that will take the land and its people forward.

If he must give tuppence to a Hindu, he feels compelled to give TWENTY PENCE to a Mohammedan. So he remains trapped by mundane routine and is happy if the Hindu is crushed into secular pulp and never recalls that Lahore and North Kashmir were once part of Hindustan just as West Bengal and Delhi are today.

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Still the Mohammedan on that aircraft flying in from Caracas to Gatwick and the one in India’s Rashtrapati Bhawan, is QUITE A COCK. But while one is in custody, the other, under the perfect ARABIC name (ABDUL KALAM), is scot-free.


......Date: Wed, 12 Feb 2003 16:59:18 +0000

.......All London Emergency Planning Officers: > >

The following information is being released with the approval of the Director, London Resilience.


..........>Priority HIGH - Action required. > >

The current intelligence-led security alert affecting London Heathrow Airport is with regard to an imminent threat of an attempt to shoot down an aircraft landing or taking off from the airport. I am sure you will have seen the considerable reporting of this in the news media. > >

>Intelligence also suggests that a major terrorist attack elsewhere in London, location unknown, might take place on Wednesday 12th February, or shortly afterwards. >

> >All local authorities are asked to ensure that staff and operatives are briefed to be particularly vigilant for signs of anything unusual, particularly those working outside such as caretakers, parking attendants/wardens, refuse collectors, etc. It would also be of help if caretakers and building managers/security staff could check the roofs of high rise buildings, security of roof access routes, padlocks and locks, >etc, to ensure that no untoward activity may be taking place there. >

> >The emergency planning response of local authorities in respect of such terrorist activity is, of course, largely reactive to events and using generic emergency plans. However, the assistance of emergency planning staff in drawing in a wide range of local authority staff in this role of vigilance at this particular time would be greatly appreciated.