Date: 2/5/2003



We need not step forward conspicuously in a foolish way to CONDEMN the war outright. We need to listen to Mr. Colin Powell, Mr. Blair and Mr. Bush more, and try to UNDERSTAND what they are saying and why, than to pose as the champions of "community relations" and Muslim appeasement in this country (UK).

With regard to community relaitons, Britain is STRONG enough to make sure of that.

Under their rule in India until 1947 a HINDU child was safe from Karachi to Peshawar. The British people are still very strong to make sure that despite our FEARS, the community relations here will remain fine despite the anti war hysteria by some.

With regard to Muslim appeasement we should recall that Mahatma Gandhi tried to do that and not only lost West Punjab but also EAST Bengal, North Kashmir AND HIS OWN LIFE, TOO.

We should occasionally recall our own WAR of 1947, too, in which we suffered a crushing defeat in western and eastern India and fled North Kashmir.

A terrified PANDIT Nehru then banned the word PARTITION in his truncated India. We Hindus ought to be fearless in recalling that PARTITION.

Here is one view BELOW that needs support of all Hindu NRI's with COURAGE and CONVICTION:


Dear Prime Minister,

The HINDUS will support any action that is taken by the Governments of the countries where we are domiciled.

We do not support pseudo-secular India's neutrality that makes "sitting on fence" bravery. The NRI's have NO dual nationality. Back home our nation is compelled like one billion "cows" to admire one Muslim "BULL" called Abdul Kalam, the President. He professes love of Hinduism but does not PROJECT Hinduism with conviction at home and abroad.

We are NOT part of the "MONGREL DOG ASIAN" scene in Western countries, either.

We are committed to VICTORY of the UNITED Kingdom in any future war.

The issue of Iraq is not a local or national issue. It is an INTERNATIONAL issue that calls for the whole nation to stand together as one man, just as was the case in 1939 to 1945.

There may soon be a call for WAR. The Hindus support the United Kingdom on this and will volunteer to join the ARMED FORCES in large numbers.

Please raise a HINDU Regiment at the earliest and give us the chance to fight shoulder to shoulder with the other British young men and women. The modern Hindu has long consigned the pacifist funk Gandhi to the cesspit of history.

The Hindus are meant to DEFEND the FIVE D'S; our "DHARTI" (territory), "DHANN" (national wealth), "DHEE" (daughters of the nation), "DHYAAN" (spirit and morale) AND "DHARMA" (religion)."

When the bugle of war is sounded for a good cause, the Hindus are in the forefront as per our finest traditions.

The Hindus living in genuine democracies like the UK and the USA trust the parliament to decide if the cause is just. In India it has been one dynasty that went out to fight for IMMORAL and UNJUST causes, e.g., return of EAST Bengal to the enemy after liberating it.


We have also sent the following message to the President of the United States of America.

Mr. President,

Please convey our highest praise and appreciation to Mr. Colin Powell, Secretary of State, United States of America, for his forceful, logical and excellent address to the United Nations Security Council today afternoon (February 5, 2003) against Saddam Hussain, the Dictator of Iraq.

The free world has only one choice now. Either to make the pre-emptive strike to remove the dictator and change the regime for the sake of peace, or suffer another most devastating attack by him and his associates in AL QAIDA later.

Sadly it is the Rule of God that if the free West misses this opportunity to eliminate Saddam Hussain, it will need TEN TIMES the military effort, expense and human lives to do the job next time.