Date: 2/2/2003



Mr. President,

India being a democracy more like the UNITED States (that is the equivalent of our AKHAND Bharat) and not a British colony any more, I suggest that the title 'Your Excellency' be abolished.

This will raise the citizen to the level where he can raise his eyes to look into yours at equal level as is the case with Mr. George Bush. After all, you, Mr. President pay great homage to the man who lived in "Bhangi" Colony and was not addressed as "Your Excellency."

As you know, Mr President, at this time a great conference and gathering of the Elders of the ancient traditions and cultures is taking place in Mumbai (4th till 9th inst.),

Our Bharat is an ancient civilisation, the cradle of the native culture, the divine light and the spiritual leader of the world, and the birth place of world's greatest religions as opposed to the conquering, marauding and colonising ideologies of the Middle East.

It would be very disappointing to your own subjects if the Head of State of India or her Prime Minister were not to inaugurate such a unique event of great importance taking place in their own country but kept aloof or looked away.

The venue is Rambhau Mhalgi Prabodhini Campus, Mumbai India.

Please proceed to the venue promptly or send your message of greetings and good wishes to them, and please SEND IT TO THE MEDIA for the INFORMATION of the whole world.

Imparting DIGNITY and STATE RECOGNITION to our ancient traditions and cultures is the only way to impart dignity to the individual Indians.


Your next two steps ought to be (a) establishing an Embassy in VILNIUS, the capital of Lithuania to represent Bharat in the three Baltic States of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia; and (b) grant of unconditional dual nationality to the sons and daughters of India living and serving abroad. If we could unconditionally surrender five provinces to the indigenous Muslims on one day, the grant of dual nationality ought not to have been held up or denied since August 15, 1947. It would have meant the "glow of freedom" to us, too.

........................NRI FORCE- Europe.