Date: 1/19/2003


Mr. Jonathan Dimbleby, the well-known TV presenter in England, hosted a discussion on MUSLIM Terrorism and Asylum in this country today, Sunday, January 19, 2003.

As we know, the British administration and law enforcement agencies are quite INEFFECTIVE like the "eunuchs" over the DISAPPEARANCE of about 50,000 bogus claimants, invariably MOHAMMEDAN, in this country every year.

Here are two letters sent by e-mail to Mr Dimbleby, the programme moderator, during the programme.

......................THE FIRST LETTER:

Dear Jonathan,

Why Asylum Seekers do not go to other Islamic Countries? Why do they only come to the West???

Why don't the West ensure that countries that oppress their own citizens are dealt with by force in order to stop this ever growing Asylum problem?? "Nip the evil in the bud."

Or is it because we need cheap labour in order to fuel our economies??

Solution are often easy and I am afraid the will to tackle problem is seldom there. Specially in the West.

.................................. -----


Dear Mr. Dimbleby,

I enjoyed the discussion hosted by you today at 1 pm.

I am amazed that the British do not equate the Muslims with the NAZIS.

The man (with MUSLIM agenda) in the audience tried to compare the MUSLIM asylum seekers with the Jews from Germamny. He read out an item from the "Daily Mail" of 1938, forgetting that the Jews did not come here to explode bombs in this country nor were they fighting the British troops in some distant country on the other side of the world.

The Jews, on the other hand, were genuine refugees. The Muslims are NOT. The followers of MOHAMMED are trying to flee their OWN beloved "civilisations" they have THEMSELVES created over the DEAD BODIES of tens of millions of NON Muslims across the world.

The Jews have also not been at the Christians' throats for the last one thousand years. The Jews had NO Jewish Republic on earth then that could take them all in.

And that brings me to the point:

These Afghans, Iraqis, Pakistanis, Bangladeshis, Libyans and the ALGERIANS, ALL MUSLIM without an exception, who are coming in by the thousand, have their own ISLAMIC republics that should look after their own citizens and also take in the PERSECUTED fellow Muslims from other ISLAMIC countries with open arms.

They are also not poor like Poland and Lithuania. There are MUSLIM countries like Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Libya where GOLD and RICHES are coming in as oil is flowing out. Yet the world of Islam is dumping its undesirable surplus "dirty linen" in Europe and America. They want the CHRISTIAN countries to take them all in, feed, house and clothe them, even provide multiple spouses, and let them increase a thousandfold in hundred years' time in order to face extinction. Very clever, indeed, Mr. Mohammed!!!

They all read the SAME Koran as their RULERS which was not the case with the Jews in Nazi Germany. At that time their rulers read "MEIN KAMPF" while the Jews read Torah.

We also saw how, after the establishment of just ONE Jewish State on earth, the Jews never went to another country with a BEGGING BOWL or to BEG for asylum like the Muslims.

Obviously this very DISHONOURABLE Muslim man, editor of a Muslim newspaper published in England, quoted the very HONOURABLE Jews at this discussion, trying to compare the PERSECUTED Jews with the FLEEING Mohammedans.

By persecuting their own fellow Muslims, all the countries in the "Global Islamic Bloc" are themselves the WORST advertisement for Mohammed and his KORAN and ISLAM?

Why should Europe take in those who are IDEOLOGICALLY our enemies and will only do to this continent what they did to Afghanistan, INDIA, and the Middle EAST.

Someone at the Discussion also said the word "Sikhs" without knowing the facts. The Sikhs come from EAST PUNJAB and many are not reconciled to the surrender of full sovereignty to EAST BENGAL by the cowardly India that attacked the Sikhs' holiest shrine, the Golden Temple, in 1984.

The Sikh problem will die down totally when the PRESIDENT of India, the PRIME MINISTER and the LEADER OF OPPOSITION are all committed Hindus. Today one claims to be a "nominal" MUSLIM, the other is a pseudo-secular Hindu "goat", and the third is a committed CATHOLIC. Not only the Sikhs but also the Hindus are confused in India today and are moving towards their "ENDLOESUNG".

To settle the Sikh problem in EAST Punjab, the whole world ought to stand up to commend SECULARISM to WEST Punjab and EAST Bengal. One cannot have two political systems on the same Indian sub continent.

So, I say, "NO MUSLIM immigrants here in any shape. There are FORTY-TWO Islamic republics for them where the Christians, like the church congregations in Pakistan, are an endangered specie."

Saudi Arabia's contempt for the non-Muslims is such that NOT one church can be built there.

How is it that all these MUSLIM asylum seekers and illegal immigrants suddenly love the English language (but will NOT pray in it), love our democracy and secularism (but will NOT have them in their own ISLAMIC republics), and even the monarchy (while they desperately want the head of the King of Arabia) and read the Koran which incites them to fight Jihad to topple and break up every non Muslim state including the United Kingdom?



The French Government are going to pay for mosques.

A small but very significant news item may have totally escaped attention of most. "The Daily Telegraph", London, reported on January 18, 2003, "Franch may pay for new mosques to beat militants."

It went on to say, Islamic terrorism (sic) has forced (sic) France to reconsider one of its most fundamental principles, the separation of church and statge, the government said yesterday."

What do the knowledgeable Britons make out of the words "terrorism" and "force" in the news item above? Aren't they related to a particular religion, that is, ISLAM?

There is such a vicious breed of mankind, vicious by indoctrination, that even the French government which stood for Equality, Liberty and Brotherhood, has collapsed under their onslaught.

If in the much desired version of "French" Islam they are going to read and follow the same Book then we may ask, "What liberty under its "God's Word" will be there for the women,for the Infidels and for the Christians and the Hindus?

To French government ought to have said that funding of this mosque was subject to "certain portions of their Holy Book" and Hadis, especially those that describe the pleasures of paradise for all good Muslim men, that sanction the beating of disobedient wives and their solitary confinement at home, and the ones that sanction marriages with girls under 13, would be expunged.

Will the "Brotherhood" preached within the mosque also extend to the public at large outside? Will the term "Global Islam" be replaced by "French Islam"? Will there be a local substitute for Mecca since the pilgrims to Hajj could come back with a different, even anti French, agenda, and with bombs or poisons concealed in their luggage?

One could ask, "How will the French move of appeasement affect the British who live on an island?"

We ought to be concerned because we are in the same European Union as the French and the concessions there cannot be denied here. We know how the French impacted on us through Sangatte camp near Calais.

So the French are closer to us than we imagine and can spill a lot of ideological wash on to these shores.

The British have guarded these Isles for centuries. They kept a round the clock vigil over land, sea and air. They gave the world the maxim, "Eternal Vigilance is the price of Liberty," that was improved by our prime minister Mr. Blair when he said, "Consequence of our weakness will haunt the future generations." (In Parliament on January 15, 2003),

The British fought the NAZIS bravely to keep "Equality, Fraternity and Liberty" alive here. They defended monarchy against the republicans, revolutionaries, Jehadis, Mujahideen and the Taliban.

But today all is changing rapidly before our eyes. Europe is giving concessions like Prime Minister Chamberlaine.

Overconfident Europeans, who have only seen the defeated nations and dealt with the servile natives in the past, are now entering new waters without knowing the depth, or finding out who inhabit these nether worlds.

Sometimes the overconfident go off guard and get a slap in the face. After that, some recover while the others go down and meet obligion. This is the significance of September 11 attack on the USA.

Very soon the government there, following the French example, will approve legislation to fund native mosques in America with public money. Will Britain be left behind?