Date: 1/18/2003


MORE LIGHT ON PARTITION British created the problem deliberately so Bharatvarsh stays divided. They were given the permission to trade by Emperor Jahangeer (former Prince Salim or Anarkali fame!) but when leaving they acted as if India was never a country. So from Afghanistan to Burma to Nepal and Tibet we are all divided. Strange is the part that Kailash Parvat the home of Param Parmatma Shiv (Shiva the Holy Spirit) before he came down to Kashi (Banaras / Varanasi / Benares) is now a part of China!!!

Now India has controlled its drug addiction rates for last 15 years. In US the drug abuse in 10th graders have gone up by 100% from 11% to 22% during Clinton's time- 1992-2000. At this rate in 20 years or so more than 50% TENTH GRADERS WILL BE HARD NARCOTIC ADDICTS. Similar is the case in UK. And most of this narcotics is coming from Golden Triangle (Burma Laos Kampuchea) and Golden Crescent (Pakistan Afghanistan). This is the way the Hidden Dragon (China) is waging and funding the reverse opium war with the West. They are reaping what they sowed, Jaisi Karni- Vaisi Bharni, What you sow so shall Ye reap.

When that happens the they can vote to get the narcotics legal, like they voted in some states to legalize marijuana. President in the White House can get stoned and then work too, just like the Chinese Emperors and lords after the end of the Opium War.

Clinton gave all the Nuclear, Satellite Submarine Tracking, and even Neutron Bomb secrets to China, $3 Billion to Terrorist Arafat, Nuclear technology and aid to Nut cases in North Korea, etc. (I still have not figured it out whether they are communist or monarchy - may be neologism of commonarchy has to be coined for them). AND COME TO THINK OF IT- HE DID NOT EVEN INHALE!!!


Here is the evidence that strongly contradicts Dr Elst's claims:

In his article, Creation of Pakistan - Safeguarding British Strategic Interests, Narendra Singh Sarela, former Indian Ambassador to France wrote to suggest that recently unsealed British top secret documents indicated how Mohammed Ali Jinnah (leader of the Muslim League) articulated his demand for partition in 1940 only after getting the approval of Lord Zetland, then secretary of state for India. The British encouraged the partition proposal in order to safeguard their interests in a post-colonial world. Earlier in 1939, Jinnah had pledged the loyalty of Indian Muslim troops (who comprised over 40% of the British Army in India) and the British expected that this loyal fighting force would come in handy in controlling the oil-wealth of the Middle East, and provide the Western powers with a "reliable ally" that could serve as a foil to the former Soviet Union. (The commentary appeared in the Times of India, March 17, 2000)

Also see the 'Transfer of Power Documents' 1942-1947, India Office, London; (also available at the Jawaharlal Nehru Library, New Delhi); The documents describe in quite shocking detail how the British authorities ENGINEERED RIOTS between Hindus and Muslims; bribed armed terrorists associated with the Muslim League; deliberately broke up meetings held by pro-unity Muslim leaders of the Congress; and ORDERED THEIR POLICE FORCES NOT TO INTERVENE in the wave of terror that led to the expulsion of Hindus and Muslims from what is now Pakistan.

The role of the British in deliberately fomenting partition could take an entire book. The evidence is quite overwhelming, and I must say that I find Dr Elst's attempts to deliberately ignore British colonial motives in leaving a divided India as extremely suspect. I must suggest that it points to a back-handed way of promoting the imperialist agenda, by laying all the focus on the communalism of the Mudslim League, as though the British were these nice and honest brokers - that stood by idly while the Muslim League did it's dirty work.

In fact, new evidence shows that Jinnah was on the pay-roll of the British for years, and took few actions without getting British approval.

The India Office Documents have beeen commented upon by several recent Indian authors. Dr Elst should try to read them before trying to cover up for the crimes of the British colonial rulers in India.

In fact, might I suggest that as a European who hails from a nation that itslef colonized another, he ought to be extra careful in ocvering up for any colonial project.



Mohammed (ali JINN ah) raped the gentle lady called Hindustan who was forcibly held down on the ground by the pimp called Britain.

Since both, the rapist and the pimp, had come from abroad, they were trusted friends.

The illegitimate bastard born after the caesarean was called PAKISTAN.

Appropriately, when the notorious rapist was caught, it was found that his name contained the word "JINN" in it.


Now that the bastard's prolific offspring has turned up in England and infested the land, the terrified British are determined to defend their own secularism, multicultural and multiethnic and multireligious society at all costs, something they happily destroyed in their Indian colony with the utmost ease, taking full advantage of the Hindus' disunity, "sad-bhavana" and ignorance.

Under God's Will the Mohammedans have converged in England from all directions to SEDUCE and IMPREGNATE England's fair daughters in order to produce Mohammeds, Alis and Fatimas by the million, and to do to the UNITED Kingdom what they did to the UNITED India (Akhand Bharat).

The year 2047 AD is predicted by astrologers to be the one when the United Kingdom will break up, that is, PARTITIONED, as a punishment for what they did to the tolerant, secular and multi-cultural Hindustan in 1947.