Date: 9/4/2002


On many HINDU Discussion Lists, great researched articles are being posted. They are about the type of Mohammedan this Abdul Kalam, the President of SMASHED partitioned Hindustan, is.

Here is how one "learned" contribution begins-

"Dear friends,

I do not know about the term 'Mutazilites'; however, I know a lot of muslims from south-end of tamil Nadu. from Chidambaram southwards to be exact.(Muslims in the region towards Bangalore from Chennai are either Sunnis or Shias, and speak Urdu.) The muslims in the southern part of the Tamil Nadu do not even speak Urdu. they only speak Tamil (Fluent, at that) and English and ofcourse, some of them Hindi. I have read some of the great literatures written by some of these muslim scholars on Ramayana. I have heared some of them give speeches on Ramayana characters.However, . . . . "



Instead of going into such minute details, we need to ask ourselves, "HOW IS IT that there was NOT ONE HINDU good enough for that post that was CONCEDED, upon our knees, to a MOHAMMEDAN in our PARTITIONED India? We all stand degraded since the country is called Hindustan. That is where Lord Rama walked and preached, only to be bowled over by Mohammed of Desert through this "father of atom bomb".

To degrade HALF of the Hindu world, there is NO female in his BHAWAN to whom any Hindu lady of dignity could relate. There is his KORAN and the VACUUM.

.........To hang our heads in SHAME is not the way out.