Date: 9/3/2002


.................LETTER TO THE EDITOR

Editor The Daily Telegraph, London.


Please refer to your headline today (The Daily Telegraph, September 3, 2002, page 1). "Persecuted, despised, misunderstood:

......How Muslims see their new role in the world."

That word "misunderstood" is only in the deranged, derailed and distorted self-righteous MUSLIM mind, not in the rest of the world whose heads are clear, eyes open and memory cells healthy.

A repentant NAZI could say the same today.

The last world war unleashed by them cost the lives of 50 million innocent people across the globe. The ISLAMIC record of conquest and slaughter is far worse. They have been at it for THIRTEEN CENTURIES, not just six years!

While the Christians stopped killing the non Christians on account of religion several centuries ago, the Muslims are still doing so wherever and whenever they can do so.

Let us spare a thought for the church congregations in Pakistan, the hostages in the Philippines, the Christians in Southern Sudan, and reporter Daniel Pearl.

The slaughter of thousands of innocent office workers including tea ladies and the cleaning staff in those two WTC towers is also to the account of Islam. None of the hijackers was Hindu or Christian.

The last great orgy of killing, massacre, rape and arson on earth was indulged in by the Muslims to their hearts' content in 1947, when the Crown handed over one third of India to the Muslims, to misrule.

That was a free license to the Muslims to slaughter close to ONE MILLION innocent non Muslims within weeks.

Pakistan was founded on the blood and bones of the innocent victims and the inaugural fanfare was provided by the anguished cries and the wails of the mothers trying to protect their children and their own honour from the rampaging MUSLIM mobs all over, and their pleas for help- all in vain.

That slaughter and mayhem spilled over into NORTH Kashmir within days of the birth of separatist inglorious ISLAMIC Pakistan, the high flag of Arab civilisation upon the grave of the native (secular, tolerant, all-embracing) Indian.

Indian blood is dirt cheap, even in the eyes of the Indians themselves. Therefore, the Indian dead not worth a thought. The world is now only hooked on with great passion and zeal to the ONE-DAY misdeed by miscreant Islam on the soil of North America on September 11 last.

As a direct result of that stunning blow to India in 1947, the "demoralised & demolished" HINDUS in (what was left of) India have appointed a MUSLIM as their Head of State (President) in order to appease the World of Islam.

Again, as a direct result of that stunning blow to India in 1947 (Crown replaced by KORAN in Lahore and Dacca), the ruling establishment in India has wiped out the word "partition" and, instead, call it Independence and even celebrate it with the utmost enthusiasm.

I hope and pray that the free world does not copy India to accept Islam as equal to Christianity on earth. One is light, the other is dark.

Since our Prime Minister is "politically correct" with regard to ISLAM, let us ask the young mother condemned to death by stoning in Nigeria while the man, who gave her the baby, got away, hardly a Christian's idea of justice!

Thank God, and, Thank America, the callous heartless "beast" of Islam has at last started "seeing" its new role in the world as your headline indicates prematurely.

What ought that "role" to be, in today's shrinking world?

When will they start dismantling the ISLAMIC republics that impose second rate status on all the non Muslim citizens?



..................SEPTEMBER 3, 2002