Date: 8/2/2002



"Inside every Moslem is lurking a Mahomet, a Jinnah, a Suhrawardy, a Maulana Bari, a Khwaja Hasan Nizami, a Allama Mohammad Iqbal Sapru, a Saifuddin Kitchlew, an Inayatullah, etc.

So no compromise unless they repudiate Islam in toto."



We could only think of MA Jinnah, who as the President of All-India CONGRESS Party, swore by Secularism but then rose to smash Akhand Bharat, inflicting history's worst defeat upon the Hindus.

We could also recall Hussain Shaheed Suhrawardy, the Chief Minister of Bengal, in whose rule the TERRIBLE MASSACRE OF HINDUS took place in Noakhali District on August 16,1946. That day was called "DIRECT ACTION DAY".

Now let us be very clear about ONE thing here. It was not "direct action" against the colonial British rulers but it was Direct Action AGAINST THE HINDUS.

Why? Because the Hindu leaders were simply DILLY DALLYING over acceptance of Partition. The Muslims like to have a quick and decisive reply AS THE ALLIES GAVE THEM IN AFGHANISTAN and AS ISRAEL IS GIVING THEM RIGHT NOW.

In 1946 they did not like the Hindu LEADERS dilly dallying over Partition or Akhand Bharat.

They did hear Mr. Gandhi declare, "India will be cut upon my dead body," but saw NO sign or proof as to HOW he was going to confront the Muslims (All-India Muslim League).

That is why after waiting for a small sign of vigour on the part of Gandhi, and slight patriotism on the part of Nehru, THEY STRUCK, and rivers of HINDU blood flowed.

Their logic was ISLAMIC: "We will suddenly (note the word suddenly like the attack on WTC towers!) shed HINDU blood in tons, abduct and rape (and MUTILATE) thousands of Hindu girls and women.

This will STRIKE TERROR into their hearts and they will COW DOWN into accepting the new ISLAMIC State of Pakistan on the soil of India."

That was Muslim logic and loyalty, exactly ONE YEAR BEFORE PARTITION when as per Pandit Nehru "Hindu-Muslim were still bhai bhai!"

Isn't it amazing that although Pandit Nehru had full grasp and understanding of the MUSLIM MIND, just as WE HAVE TODAY, he still, deliberately or foolishly, went on trusting the Muslims of India.

Aren't we, now in 2002, doing the same thing what our clever BARRISTER from London, Pandit Nehru, was doing and preaching in 1946?

We have never known a bigger eyewash, or SUPPRESSION of Truth, than done by Nehru and his Congress over the decades. They have TORN UP THE WHOLE CHAPTER FROM INDIAN HISTORY where one could learn the Truth about the Muslim "minority" in India then, and in Bharatvarsha today.

When will the Hindus open their eyes? NEVER?

We clearly see as to who benefits if the Hindu eyes remain firmly shut.

Hence with this new but terrible awareness now, every Hindu ought to really struggle hard to convey the Truth to the whole nation.

That truth is that from Day One, the Muslims entered Hindustan to "make mincemeat" of the Hindus, either wipe them out totally as in West Punjab and North Kashmir, chase them out of their homes as in East Bengal or expel them through TERROR as in South Kashmir.

One day the Sikhs will also find another, more appropriate name for their EAST Punjab. They go about strutting like peacocks, calling their Land Of Two Rivers "PUNJAB" as if nothing happened in 1947.

In reality 60% of that community was wiped out in one year. What a shame that there is NO ripple effect anywhere among them! This is our Bharatvarsha where the wisest can become brainwashed fools and the bravest can be turned into sheep.

Credit only goes to the bit of Bengal that is called WEST Bengal.

Those Bengalis who chose that name were light years ahead in patriotism of today's mentally crushed Bengalis who are watching their numbers being submerged by illegal immigrants from BOGUSdewsh. In some districts of West Bengal we understand there is already a majority of Muslims.

This is what happens when the word PARTITION is eliminated from a nation's vocabulary.

Just imagine a couple had two teenage daughters and three younger sons. The whole family is seized, and kept hostage in a dark basement. After seven days they are all released EXCEPT THE TWO DAUGHTERS.

Will that family start celebrating their INDEPENDENCE and distribute "laddoo and burfi" in all the neighbourhood?

We think not.

They will be grief stricken and have sleepless nights, imagining the plight of their daughters that are still captive.

If one is prepared to agree so far, then please read the next line:

Lahore, Karachi and Chittagong are the daughters of Delhi.

In two weeks' time those daughters of Bharatvarsha will be on NOBODY'S MIND. The Indians will show themselves to the rest of the world as a "COOLIE NATION" or BRAINLESS MORONS.

The Muslim President, the secular Cabinet, the Lok Sabha sitting in full gaze of Sonia Khan, and all the despicable ambassadors and high commissioners will be distributing "laddoo and burfi" and celebrating with song and dance, calling it "Independence Day".

Is that how the Hindus are brought up to RELATE to TERRITORY? We have to ask, "What was the basis of that surrender? Was the nation consulted?" We have to look at the GRAVITY of the precedence of Muslim appeasement even before getting rid of the colonial masters, we have to assess the consequences on the morale of Muslims and spirits of Hindus and we have to see the ripple effect on Kashmir and EAST Punjab. What are leaders for, if they "lead" their following straight into surrenders and massacres?

Why are rotten leaders like Gandhi and Nehru still celebrated while those brave and patriotic Hindus and Sikhs who resolutely stood up to FIGHT Islam and Pakistan at that time are today unknown or unmentionable? Why?

No wonder the ENEMY has taken full advantage of our weakness and cowardice and has decided to hold on to Bharat's daughters.

Now if the kidnapper or the abductor is a MOHAMMEDAN, please be certain, there will be NO PLEA, LOGIC, REASONING or DECENCY that will work on him.

The only way to LIBERATE THE DAUGHTERS OF HINDUSTAN is, first, by constitutional means.

Jenab Abdul Kalam can keep his nuclear bomb under his bed. We don't need it.

It is the LOK SABHA that ought to discuss the issue and pass legislation, simply saying,

"Muslims in India can stay on despite Partition but their constitutional status will be "guest workers" like the Turks in Germany. They will be eligible to full fledged citizenship of Secular India when both the rebellious Islamic fragments of the country return to Motherland and accept Secularism, instead of Koran, as the Law of Land."

This idea now seems only theoretical because Hindu SHAKTI and UNITY at present are theoretical (not real).

But when, under INSPIRING LEADERS, the nation is FILLED with ENERGY, ZEAL and COURAGE, then each one of us will, single-handed, take on 125,000 Muslims and BEAT THE HELL OUT OF THEM.

This is not just a fancy conjecture. Guru Gobind Singh ji, the great warrior son of Bharat, raised his fearless Khalsa (the warrior Hindu) on the "dharti" that was nearest to Hell, that is, Afghanistan, Iran and Arabia.

Today THAT Khalsa was supposed to be in and around AYODHYA ensuring the trouble free and mischief free RECONSTRUCTION of our Grant Temple.

Finally, the Hindu needs the SPIRITUAL weapon more than the physical one. It is enshrined in Bhagwad Gita and exhibited in the battle of Kurukshetra.

A morally decadent and spiritually decomposing nation cannot be saved EVEN BY NUCLEAR WEAPONS.

In the light of the above, our first priority ought to be to redeem the honour of Lod Rama, the Divine Lord of Hindustan by "ENNOBLING AYODHYA", and then watch the miracle take place.

That is the significance of Sri Ram Temple, not its bricks and mortar or the marble flooring.

O Bharat, if you cannot confront them in your heart (Ayodhya) then what hope that you could crush them along frontiers (Kashmir, Kerala and Mizoram)?