Date: 5/29/2002


Mr Kofi Annan Secretary General United Nations Goodmorning

We request The United Nations to Declare Conversion the worst form of Terrorism.

The reports which u get about the so called Dalits and scheduled tribes and castes is not True.There is no such thing as dalits- This was created by the Colonial rogues to divide and rule.They are all Human Beings and Lord Shiva's army.

The Christian Mercenary Missionaries are sending wrong and incorrect reports. Do you remember an African Leader said- "when they came they had the bible and we had the land to day they have the land and we have the bible".

Conversion is technique of Invasion and worst form of Land Grabbing technique.

One More thing we are scarred of Nuclear Attack- keep this in mind.

The World has to decide Whether it wants "Vikas or Vinash"= If Vikas it has to follow India otherwise the choice is yours. [Vikas - Development; Vinash- Destruction]

Today Soviet Union has lost its identity-What Hitler could not achieve in 1940's at Stalingrad/Leningrad Mr Bush has achieved in Rome.

What Business has the European Unions got to make observations-tell them to go and investigate the sexual crimes committed by the Missionaries-Ref the "Sex Scandal Rocks USA".

As a First Step u should relocate UN to Asia or Africa.The problems are in these Continents.

No one has the right to Convert a person to another religion- it amounts to launching clandestine war and is the worst form of Terrorism. Every Hindu and Human being has the right to Protect his/her Religion and we make it very clear to you.