Date: 5/26/2002


Motherland over religion - KB Malhotra, Sahibabad, Uttar Pradesh The Pioneer: April 29, 2002

Sir, With reference to Janab Syed Sahabuddin's contention in his letter 'Muslims' birthright' (April 24) his claim to birthright is questionable on several counts.

First, he calls himself a Muslims Indian instead of an Indian Muslim. This prioritisation of religion over the motherland dilutes a child's right to occupy pride of place in its mother's lap. While I do not question his right to extra-territorial loyalty. I cannot concede to him an absolute privilege for shelter in this territory.

Second, Syed Sahabuddin himself wrote in his letter, 'Question of quarantine' (April 10) that the Muslim position is negotiable, provided they are compensated with once-eight land and resources of India. I excuse him for overlooking before he wrote the letter, that the Partition package included the compensation. In fact, Jinnah and several League leaders had claimed that an exchange of population was an integral part of the vivisection of India.

Third, the then Muslim electorate across the sub-continent had voted over-whelming for the League whose single point agenda in 1946 was partition. The moving figures behind the League's demand at the time were those, who today would claim to Muslim Indians and Muslim Pakistanis. The Punjabis, the Sindhis and the Bengalis were quite secure in their majority areas. Bihar, Bombay and the UP Muslims were the one most keen on the division of the country.

Fourth, like lakhs of others, my family had to evacuate home and hearth with fires raging all around the locality. Mind was a tragic tale like so many others, but I do not wish to inflame passions by narrating it here. *****

We were citizens of Lahore since time immemorial and my religion was not above my matribhoomi. Despite all, I remain an Indian Hindu, not a Hindu Indian.


**** It is a great PITY that Hindus like yourself with clear memories of that HOLOCAUST are keeping silent "for fear of inflaming passions". WHOSE PASSIONS?

Without KNOWLEDGE of Islamic BRUTALITY and SAVAGERY of the past, the Hindu nation is weak, divided and defenceless like a heard of cows.

On the other hand, the KORAN can be trusted to INFLAME the passions of every BELIEVER, to kill the kafirs and to grab our territory.

The "REST" of India now faces extreme peril while the "BEST" of India, now under the MOHAMMEDANS WITH INFLAMED PASSIONS, is about to launch another deadly invasion once again. They will find our PEOPLE unprepared.

On our side the Hindus AND SIKHS start history with a clean slate after every defeat, disaster, massacre and SURRENDER. The reason is one and the same, OUR GOING SILENT ABOUT IT.

In sheer contrast we see the Jews telling their children of the Holocaust and the Americans remembering September 11 day and night.