Date: 5/14/2002



First and foremost, this Hindu Muslim violence in India is not because of Sangh Parivar groups or Hindus in general. It began on the day when the first invasion from Muslims began in our Indian sub continent. Ever since, the reasons for this violence - jihad - have remained the same at the very basic fundamental core level. That is, convert non Muslims to Islam using all means possible and to Islamise India.

The Hindus have been reacting to this menace of Islamic terrorism for centuries. The steadfast refusal of Muslims to go in for reforming Islam is still a reality as it was for centuries. The terms like moderate Muslim, secular Muslim are all hyped up stuff. The only Muslims who earn high regards and respect are the likes of Dr. Kalaam. All others try to justify the violence of Muslims with an if or a but or both.

The English twisted the history. The Communists in India, well known for their hatred of Hindus and India, continue to twist realities. To quote sources widely used by Communists who are not ashamed of their support to Muslim groups in debates on secularism exposes the fallacy of such arguments.

For each and every single deed of Muslims, the words and text in QHS play a vital role. Without QHS, there is no Islam and there are no Muslims. It is these teachings which continue to preach hatred and incite violence and brooks no respect and tolerance for nonMuslims and nonIslamic religions as well in the entire world.

The effects of Islamic terrorism are felt in every nation on every continent. One must question what are the reasons. An innocent Muslim kid grows up to believe Islam is the only true religion and all nonMuslims are kafirs who must be killed or converted. This teaching is imbibed 5 times a day, daily from childhood. Few muslims like Dr Kalaam rise above these and continue to be role models for a whole nation.

Reforms in non Islamic religions prevent this hatred being taught either at home or at religious schools (with very very few exceptions, as always is the case for any topic).

Always bringing in caste whenever one talks of Islamic terrorism is another lousy idea. Today, in India, all people of all castes have been granted equal rights under the constitution. Due to corruption and dirty politics, there are problems in implementing these laws. But still reforms are taking place.

Caste problems of today are more involved with economics, trade, sharing wealth and power, prestige and privilege, lack of laws being implemented without fear or favor, corruption, denial of basic needs by selfish corrupt people and more.

All of which can be solved when existing laws are implemented without fear or favor and education includes teaching from a young age to respect human life beyond any barriers.

Islamic terrorism is totally different. It is a global menace. Conversion to Islam or death or terrorist attacks against nonMuslims. This is simple to understand from past and present realities. Islam has not reformed in 1400+ years.

An unethical, biased, bigoted, anti-Hindu media playing with fires of passion and hatred, fed by Communists, proIslamic bent, support to Missionary supported conversions where by the souls of Hindus are for harvest, and a steadfast refusal to realise the realities and continued attempts to malign Hindus are the real reasons for this violence in India.

This pseudo-secularism, touted as the real secularism where in the the realities and Hindus are ignored and/or overlooked and/or strampled upon is a menace that is further compounded by these words and deeds of these self-styled-secular self-styled-moderate self-styled-intelligentia.

The more violence Muslims inflict on non Muslims, the worse would be the retaliation from non Muslims in the coming times. The ripple effects of Islamic terrorism are now felt globally more than ever before.

Only a tolerant reformed Islamic world that is without a jihad on forced conversions of nonMuslims and respects all people of all faiths equally under the law and in practice would very much lessen this mindless violence between Muslims and nonMuslims in the world in the times to come.