Date: 5/5/2002


The world ought not to forget, even if the Indians themselves dare not recall, that India was PARTITIONED as a result of uncalled for, sudden, treacherous ISLAMIC ONSLAUGHT in 1947.

The INDIAN Muslims challenged "The Rest" and inflicted a crushing defeat on The Rest.

It should not be forgotten that "The Rest" were the VAST MAJORITY of inhabitants of India, mostly Hindus, but also the Sikhs of WEST and EAST Punjab.

The SIKHS, who live in the Punjab were shoved and pushed eastwards in a most unceremonious manner due to their FOOLISH leaders, lack of literacy and strong ideological spark to unite them against common danger.

The Sikh religion, being an offshoot of HINDUISM, does not offer any guideline on Ideology apart from the BLAH BLAH of "all are equal" and "all are your human family."

The treatment the Sikhs have got is WELL DESERVED. From the entire HISTORY they could have learnt a lesson that those who are disunited, or led by FOOLS, perish sooner or later.

Their genuine grievances are due to their BETRAYAL by All India Congress Party, the same Party that is ruling EAST Punjab now.

One can, therefore, compare the collective calibre of the SIKHS to that of one donkey.

Their secret PREDATOR (Sonia KHAN) is their top leader right now.

The biggest blow on the community was the unconditional surrender, by India, of WEST Punjab which drove millions in rags and penniless out of their homes.

Thus the community, DECIMATED and at the same time IMPOVERISHED, became zero factor in India's political life. Ironically, they were replaced by the MUSLIMS who became 'proud cocks' despite inflicting Partition on India.

Loss of LAHORE, broke the backbone of Sikhs politically. Right now their State has its capital on UNION Territory.

The Sikhs saw the conquest of EAST Bengal by India, and then its RETURN to the "Hindu killer" MOHAMMEDAN "bastards" while even to whisper "Khalistan" in EAST Punjab was to invite death. So what is going on in CRUSHED HINDUSTAN? Who is controlling her guts and brains? Why is the native harrassed, persecuted and on the run, while the Mohammedan enemy is so well accommodated? WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE?

While the only MUSLIM MAJORITY state of Jammu & Kashmir was specially awareded under Article 370 of Constitution, the Sikhs could hope for nothing but only a devastating ATTACK on June 1984.

EAST Punjab was further divided into three fragments to make the Sikh majority area really a worthless economic entity.

Congress Party generated great mutual hostility over the language question. Haryana and Himachal Pradesh were taken out with the result that a grand province, the size of France in 1947, is now the size of a few districts only.

In any normal country an ARMY attack of the ferocity of 1984 against the Sikhs' (and Hindus') holiest shrine in Amritsar would be UNTHINKABLE. Thousands of pilgrims and militants were killed and, later, in the wake of Indira KHAN'S assassination, close to TEN THOUSAND SIKHS were massacred throughout India. The Central government simply refused to punish the guilty and compensate the victims. Amazing BESTIALITY AND SAVAGERY AGAINST OWN PEOPLE who were brainwashed into believing that the despicable strangulating murderous DYNASTIC rule was "democracy".

Having IDIOTS and MORONS as their top leaders meant that the Sikhs FAILED to see through the designs and intentions of the Central Government that was BASHING the Hindus all the time while scheming the extermination of Sikhs in EAST Punjab, too.

It is very late in the day that the Hindus are beginning to realize that Congress means DEATH AND DEGRADATION to them, too.

If not the blind Hindus, the whole world has seen how Government of India stood by when Indians were devastated and thrown out of Uganda and Fiji, South Kashmir and even terrorised in AYODHYA.

At this time both the Hindus and the Sikhs are living on borrowed time in PARTITIONED India. The Catholics and the MOHAMMEDANS have already formed a staunch ALLIANCE against the Hindus. Yet the Hindus are POWERLESS to kick out the Christian President or sack the Christian Defence Minister.

With Constituion and the GUN in ENEMY hands, the Hindus can only look forward to slow BLEEDING till they are rendered so weak that an all out ATTACK will develop against them on the lines of (NOW TOTALLY FORGOTTEN) 1947.

The Catholic Fifth Column is keen on CONVERTING and the MUSLIM WOLVES are keen on joining EAST bengal with WEST Punjab, and to see the MOHAMMEDAN flag flying over Red Fort in Delhi.

Sonia's "chappal licking" HINDU scholars and stalwarts are light years away from realising the reason of Sikh UNREST in East Punjab.