Date: 5/3/2002



We learn reliably that the BNP consider the INDIANS (HINDUS and SIKHS) in a very positive light while some other RELIGIOUS DENOMINATIONS stand in a very negative light.

The factor for this POSITIVE DISCRIMINATION is based on the size of fingers of a hand.

If we look closely, which we often do NOT, we will find them of different sizes.

The functions of each one, too, differ radically. For example the thumb is hardly in use while typing.

The SOVEREIGN people in free WEST with free choices and no "foreign" or alien axe to grind, who are not under the terror of any Pandit, Bandit or Dynasty, have a different approach to life instead of "all are the same- before, and after, PARTITION."

For example, let us look at the following Finding in America with regard to university admissions:-

(Quote) A Wall Street Journal (WSJ) report says Hindus/SIKHS are fourth in a list of 10 religious (SIC) affiliations that fare the best in college-entry level examinations.

While the national average SAT score of college-bound seniors was 1,020, those belonging to the Unitarian Universalist Association figured the best with a score of 1,209.

Jews follow them with a score of 1,161, while those affiliated with the Quakers scored 1,153. Hindus/SIKHS figured fourth with a figure of 1,110. The board administers the SAT exam, a major component of most college rankings and admission decisions.

The WSJ report says Vanderbilt University, based in Nashville, Tennessee, is pursuing this "elite strategy" of wooing students of a particular ethnic background to boost academic standing. It circulated brochures at the Union of American Hebrew Congregations in Boston last December with a view to enrolling Jewish students.

Vanderbilt University Chancellor Gordon Gee was quoted as saying: "Yes, we are targeting Jewish students... There's nothing wrong with that. That's not affirmative action. That's smart thinking."

Apart from Vanderbilt University, some official Christian campuses like the Southern Methodist University and the Texas Christian University (TCU) are also ardently pursuing Jews.

TCU, affiliated with the Protestant denomination Disciples of Christ, hired its first Jewish studies professor last year and has also reportedly initiated merit scholarships specifically for Jewish students.

Out of the Ivy League schools, about 23 per cent of students are Jewish, though Jews comprise two per cent of the US population. (Unquote).


We commend two more readings of the above to fellow Hindus since we hail from a country where the DULLEST, THE DOPEST AND THE BIGGEST MORON is usually given the TOP job under the Dynasty.

One can think of the calibre and IQ of Sita Ram Kesri, Zail Singh, Boota Singh, and KR NARAYANAN whose genetic inferiority is due to being a "bhnagi" over centuries. He is India's Supreme Commander for no other reason.

BNP's List of DESIRABLE & DESPICABLE immigrants runs on similar basis. The Hindus and Sikhs score very high due to-


-proven past MILITARY performance (especially in the case of SIKHS),

-per capita PROSPERITY,

-proven generous contributions to social causes and charity,

-proven ACADEMIC achievements;


-proven extremely low level of crime,

-proven zero prostitution, abduction and seduction.

-proven high regard for women.

Hence there is no need to be sheepish and sit on common platform called "ASIAN" in this counry. Nor is there any need to feel embarrassed or red faced over our EXCELLENCE.

We may not know or realise, the BNP, and anybody else for that matter, can tell the gold from the mud, and in the case of SIKHS, the lions from the wolves on this earth just like Guru Gobind Singh Ji who said, "Chidion say baaz ladaon!", and commended 'Militarisation with Morality' to the whole HINDU nation.