Date: 4/24/2002



Indira was the daughter of BANDIT who handed over FIVE provinces of India to the brutal, uncouth, illiterate and SEPARATIST Mohammedans without a single condition, WITHOUT REFERENDUM, CHALLENGE OR WAR.

The behaviour of the Mohammedans towards the Hindus in the earlier CENTURIES had been nothing but BEASTLY and savage. PANDIT NEHRU must have been a secret convert to ISLAM to ignore all that, and to subject the native minorities in Pakistan to massacres and ANNIHILATION. He should have known that neither the UNO nor the media in the West would take any notice even if a MILLION Hindus and Sikhs were massacred.

Indira was the RASCAL version of a female who employed vast establishment and P.R. to project her as a "desh bhagat" and a Hindu. She was NOTHING of the kind. On the contrary she HATED THE HINDUS.

She was NO patriot. She was divisive, arrogant and thoroughly corrupt.

She attained her position not through dint of hard work but through sheer NEPOTISM. That nepotism she shamelessly fanned in turn. Finally it merged into the CULTURE OF CORRUPTION.

SHE WAS EVIL, MISCHIEVOUS AND SCHEMING ALL HER LIFE. Her only goal was to stay in POWER for ever, and to pass on the chief executive post, that of PRIME MINISTER, to her son, first Sanjay and later Rajiv.

In her filthy fashion the most POWERFUL female in Hindustan today is the Italian born imposter called SONIA. She is there simply because of FRAUDULANT "Gandhi" connection, not on merit or "desh bhakti".

Mrs. Indira KHAN took full advantage of the ILLITERACY and IGNORANCE of her subjects and deliberartely ruined EDUCATION. She failed to found a new university and even worse, FAILED to bring one university up to the standard of Oxford or Cambridge universities. The proof of her CONTEMPT for Indian schooling system is the fact that both her sons were sent ABROAD for education. On returning they looked at the natives through the eyes of the British. To Indira's sons the natives were "coolies, serfs and niggers". Neither did anything to boost the nation's self-esteem. The elder son became a loafer and never considered Brown as beautiful. Despite the abuse of BOFORS CHOR hurled at him everywhere, he clamis a WELL FUNDED "RAJIV GANDHI FOUNDATION" and an OFFICIAL "SAMADHI" in Delhi for the President and the Parliament to turn up on May 21st, to shed a crocodile tear.

In an ILLITERATE country where her subjects were at the level of ANIMALS, the next best thing would have been FREE BROADCASTING. But Indira kept Broadcasting under strict State control.

She was not just a friend of Islam but a secret convert to Mohammed. Thus she was so secretive and also so venomous against the HINDUS.

She never thought much of Hindu manhood. Her close friends and possibly illicit bed partners were all Mohammedan. The KHANS took off in a big way in the Hindu movies to the extent that Hindu maidens hang their posters in their bedrooms across India instead of spitting on them. The implication of this 'KHAN ADORATION' for the Hindu male is HORRENDOUS.

Thanks to Mrs. Indira KHAN, there is NO Hindu male worth the mention now. All are timid and sheepish. In contrast one can see the MOHAMMEDANS boasting of their manliness who will promptly set fire to any cinema showing a movie in which a Hindu actor takes any liberty with a Mohammedan actress. And if the actor or hero is a Sikh one will see the viewers, too, brunt alive in the manner of that train in Gujarat.

Ever seen a film with a Hindu or SIKH hero and a Muslim female? That is due to thorough HINDU BASHING perfected by Indira Khan, her goondahs and goons. The nation that does not know what self-esteem is, cannot feel its ABSENCE.

It is amazing that an evil "WITCH" who attacked the holy city of Amritsar (the Sikhs' counterpart of Sovereign State of Vatican) with a view to destroying the unique Sikh HERITAGE and the rare sacred artefacts kept in Golden Temple Complex, and giving the hard working loyal Sikhs a "BLOODY NOSE" instead of liberating North Kashmir, could give her name to so many schools, museums, sports tournaments, townships and libraries in India.

She was extremely careful to HIDE the identity of her husband Feroze KHAN of Allahabad. Today NOT ONE Hindu scholar or Sikh Sardar in that land of "subservient coolies" and native morons, knows the names of any of Feroze KHAN'S uncles, aunts, cousins, nephews, nieces and grandparents. In which other country on earth do the people NOT know who the HUSBAND of their prime minister is, or was?

Being a secret convert to ISLAM, she waged a war against EAST Pakistan when the police and the military there started raping and molesting native BENGALI women indiscriminately. But on winning the war and capturing TERRITORY, she was quick to return it to MOHAMMED instead of bringing it under her own cherished Secularism. However, the INDIANS being blind or totally intimidated, FAILED to see her HIGH TREASON or lack of conviction in Secularism.

The Indian Army, being thoroughly DEMORALISED, did not send a HIT SQUAD to "executge" Indira KHANUM then and there. Since 1972 the Indian Army is nicknamed "EUNUCHS IN UNIFORM". East Pakistan once captured had to join WEST Bengal.

The ultimate INDIGNITY and national SHAME is self-inflicted. That is, naming the New Delhi International Airport.

Overlooking all the great national heroes and holy men and women of the past, India's Lok Sabha (PARLIAMENT) decided to call it by the WITCH'S name.

Self-respecting INDIANS, mainly HINDUS, tell us that upon seeing that name board bearing the name of Indira Gandhi, or going past it, they feel a fine spray of some kind of semi transparent dirty yellowish liquid on their faces, heads, turbans and caps that has the whiff of stink.

It may be due to the ENORMITY of bad taste or the ultimate surrender of dignity of the HINDUS that some have called it "INDIRA GANDHI'S IDEOLOGICAL URINE".

This is a para natural phenomenon and may be entirely super natural, or mere fantasy. Therefore, we request all those, including the Members of Indian Parliament, Governors, ambassadors, Swamys, Singh Sahibs, Shankaracharyas, Pandits, professors, preachers, tourists, generals, air marshals and admirals, landing at or taking off from New Delhi's "INDIRA GANDHI INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT" to be especially sensitive towards any fine spray they may feel on their skin for a second or two, that leaves a whiff of stink behind.

We would then have no hesitation to declare INDIRA KHANUM'S IDEOLIGICAL URINE that is "plastering" every native INDIAN to remind him of the UNCONDITIONAL SURRENDER OF LAHORE and KASUR, the cities founded by Luv and Kush, but never visited by MOHAMMED.