Date: 4/20/2002



“The mob started chasing us with burning tyres after we were forced to leave Gangotri Society. It was then that they raped many girls. We saw about 8-10 rapes. We saw them strip 16-year-old Mehrunissa. They were stripping themselves and beckoning to the girls. Then they raped them right there on the road… Then they were burnt. Now there is no evidence.”

(Source: Kulsum Bibi, Shah e Alam Camp, March 27


Dear Kulsum Bibi,

wE respectfully submit to you to emigrate to PAKISTAN.

It was a country created on the foundation of "flesh, blood and bones" of the HINDUS and SIKHS for benefit of the Muslims of India not just those in Sindh, East Bengal and West Punjab.

Since you are a Muslim, like the PLO, you will get all the PUBLICITY and media attention across the globe. However WE do recall similar stories from West Punjab, especially Rawalpindi district in 1947.

The Sikhs, AND THE HINDUS, are so unfortunate that all the governments have ignored their stories of degradation and mutilation.

You are as much an INNOCENT victim in 2002 as those Hindu and Sikh girls of West Punjab were in 1947 and in Noakhali in 1946.

At present only the Muslim community is united in India and also has a CLOUT. They could break up India so easily. Now they can also unite her again.

If UNITY of India is not possible, then the Hindus will remain the ENEMIES of Muslims and the Muslims will remain the enemies of the Hindus in PARTITIONED India.

In 1947 there were a thousand HINDU/SIKH girls, the equivalent of one Kulsum Bibi.

There is no immediate solution. For long term peace, it has got to be either India within those frontiers of 1947 (pre-partition) or PARTITIONED INDIA and KHALISTAN, and a sovereign and independent KASHMIR State, JUST LIKE EAST BENGAL.

By the way, your address is given as "Shah-i-Alam Camp."

..........May we enquire, "Who is this Shah-i-Alam"?

........If it was Guru Nanak or Lord Krishna, then STAY.

If it is the Mohammed of Arabia, then you ought to know where you should head for. Surprising, none told you this before.