Date: 3/20/2002


"IT IS BACK TO SQUARE ONE," said a knowledgeable old Hindu who knows the history of Hindustan like the palm of his hand.

"The MOHAMMEDANS, who invaded us from Arabia, Turkey, Iran and Afghanistan, then crushed the native HINDU Spirit into pulp. They made us all jackals."

"This despicable state of affairs lasted CENTURIES and totally ruined the genetic quality of the Hindu race beyond repair.

"Then, a kind of RESURRECTION took place in the human form of Guru Gobind Singh. What he did was a miracle. That the genetically deteriorated and crushed Hindu nation has not gone beyond the stage of paying him only lip sympathy, is the guarantee of our eventual DOOM. Recovery can only begin, well and proper, when we put his name in the CONSTITUTION. But the enemies of Hinduism will rather shoot dead every Hindu than see the name of Guru Gobind Singh enshrined in the Constitution of Hindustan.

"The Great DIVINE Guru, our own counterpart of Sonia KHAN'S "Son of God", called a grand assembly of all the natives, to which rank and file were invited from all over.

"There, on the 13th of April 1699, he proclaimed his "Great Resolve of Resistance".

"From today on you will regard yourselves LIONS, take on the surname SINGH to wipe out the caste system, and follow the edict of the Assembly of Five chosen by you."

That day the "morally superior" but "thoroughly beaten" Hindu JACKALS became lions and RECAPTURED their territory, pushing their ENEMIES beyond KHYBER.

But the enemies conspired well, and consistently, to turn the Sikhs back into JACKALS.

Tragically, the Sikhs have done accordingly, acquiring the HINDU genes of Surrender of Territory and Submission to the Will of Allah.

Look back at the recent State elections in EAST Punjab where the Sikh LIONS-TURNED-SHEEP have elected the WOLVES called Congress Party back to power.

In the primitive feudal oriental "nigger's" world of the Sikhs in Bharat, where PERSONALITIES matter, NOT ISSUES, the Sikh 'lions-turned-SHEEP' have voted for Sonia KHAN'S Party, not realising that she stands for the same what her PARTY stands for, and her Party is the same that beat the Hell out of all the Sikhs in June 1984 and it is the same that beat the Hell out of the HINDUS by unconditonally surrendering five provinces of India to the Muslms WOLVES in 1947.

But today, anything MORE disgusting one cannot imagine: - a major donkey's transformation of the once invincih;e Sikh Spirit that has taken place.

This "TROPHY OF DISHONOUR AND UTMOST STUPIDITY" was taken by the Sikhs of India recently who presented Sonia KHAN with a Sword.

What went through the mind of Sonia KHAN while receiving the Sword of Honour from the Sikhs, is this, "I hope my crusaders either behead the lot of YOU donkeys, who are doomed to burn in Hell for ever, or make you kneel and kiss the foot of MY Lord."

Now the Era of renewed impoverishenmt, persecution, division and insecurity will begin to crush the Hindu nation into pulp and then the sheep and jackals will await another "Avatar" or Saviour, another Guru Gobind Singh.

......We can only hope and pray that it is not too late by then.


.........LUCKY SHE WOLF honoured by SHEEP IN TURBANS.

What will you think of Guru Gobind Singh's KHALSA today if you see a large photograph published in a newspaper showing two hefty Sikh fellows, presenting SWORD to Sonia KHAN?

............The caption under the photograph reads,

"Leader of Opposition and Indian Congress President Sonia Gandhi receives a sword and blessing to mark the birth anniversary of Guru Gobind Singh Ji (PTI photo)


One would have thought that THREE HUNDRED YEARS after that great transformation, the Sikhs by now would have enough guts and CONVICTION to commend their own SIKH RELIGION to Sonia Khan, and, indeed, to ANY OTHER DAMN KHAN in their PARTITIONED INDIA.

These wretched Sikh "sardars" were on their own TERRITORY and not at the gates of Sonia's Vatican.

On the contrary today's Sikhs, including the Chief Minister of EAST Punjab, only re-inforce the INFERIORITY of the native and his RELIGION, by raising, lifting & elevating the likes of Sonia.

When will the world see two Italians in ITALY presenting a SWORD to a Hindu female from Bharat? That is the difference between a CATHOLIC LIONESS and the SIKH MOUSE in her shadow.

Even worse shock will come when one looks at the opposite page of the same paper in which that photograph is published. The big headline, splashed across half the page, reads,

............"84 massacres: Taylor 'led' mob".

The Simpleton Sikhs who presented Sonia KHAN with sword cannot, simply can NOT, realise that Sonia and Taylor belong to the SAME Party, and THAT Party is Hindu basher and Sikh KILLER Congress Party of Bandit Nehru.