Date: 3/17/2002



Ever heard of the phrase, "fastest growing religion"? What are the IMPLICATIONS for YOUR grandchildren, if you are a HINDU?

The dangerous flash points on earth are connected with MUSLIM presence in the country.

Take ISLAM away, the country is in peace and on the road to progress and prosperity. (UNITED STATES, JAPAN, TAIWAN, SOUTH KOREA).

Social harmony prevails. Drugs and the dens of flesh trade and vice disappear, and AIDS hardly known to public.

KORAN, NAMAZ & the ALL-MALE separatist "charged" atmosphere in a mosque is in sharp contrast to the festive, relaxed, musical and family atmosphere in a church or temple with pronounced spiritual input through chanting, singing and yoga.

The latter is a world apart. So is the Muslim from the Rest of us.

Trends with regard to the increasing MUSLIM numbers on earth are alarming, not just worrying. There is not just a gradual increase but an EXPLOSION going on right now. The governments are keeping a tight lid on the situation.

Here are the reasons. The Rest (of us) need to take heed of, for the sake of our survival with dignity.

1. Marriage of young girls, some just 13 or 14. Many females start producing children from that age onwards when their Western (Christian) counterparts do not have a child till the age of 25 or 30.

2. Strict religious ban on family planning. Former Indian Prime Minister Indira KHAN compelled the Hindu and Sikh males to go for mass vasectomy leaving the Muslims free to reproduce and reproduce.

Many former HINDU-majority areas in PARTITIONED India are now swamped with Muslims everywhere. Young girls de not step out after sunset due to TERROR of being abducted or kidnapped by the Muslims.

3. Disapproval of women entering the job market . Where are all the Muslim women? Not in offices, shops, businesses and universities. They are at home, producing and bringing up children, "bagfuls" of them. And they always seem to be pregnant, i.e., in the family way.

4. "Macho" MOHAMMEDAN culture places great mental pressures on the Muslim male to head a large family of "many wives and numerous childrten" to prove his male potency, to impress the others, to seem manly.

Man's status in the world of Islam is the number of wives and kids under his sway and control.

5. In the macho culture of Islam, no woman can ask for four, even two husbands. Her head would roll in dust. Men are FREE because Mohammed was a man.

Had the Muslim RASUL ALLAH (Prophet) been a female, NO such nonsense would have formed part of their Holy Scriptures, or her Hadis!

Muslim Women must submit to their husbands, and they do, fearing beatings, even imprisonment, and the certain rape in jails.


Jihad, the "chip" planted in the brain of every Muslim in a country where secualism is strong, means individual's PERSONAL and peaceful struggle for a beter life.

But where the Muslims are a sizeable minority and able to bully the Rest, Jihad means "Take up the gun and declare WAR!"

In the former case Muslims are hopefully waiting for the demographic superiority before putting the country under the Islamic YOKE "through ballot". This is the case in great Britain at present.

7. Macho culture means that every NON Muslim female must be forced into the "paddock of Allah" before marrying a KHAN, PATHAN or MUSALMAN.

8. Blind obedience to half-baked Mullahs and Imams, the enforced ritual of namaz five times a day, and the time of childhood wasted in madrassas and mosques learning Arabic, because Allah does NOT understand any other language, ensure that the Muslims grow up to be MORONS, dreaming of sex, more sex and EVEN MORE SEX in paradise after death where eternal virgins, houries and "almond eyed boys" will be avaiable to them for sexual gratification on soft beds in gentle breeze under grape vines, and round the clock."


In other words, how far is YOUR country from partiiton or civil war?

Can the Secular forces UNITE, to turn the tide? Are they doing so anywhere on earth?