Date: 3/15/2002


..................What's there in the name?

When you hear MOHAMMED, SINGH, SUBRAMANIAM, CHAKRABARTI and FERNANDES, you know exactly who you are talking to.

Now to the PLO stronghold of Ramallah. Isn't there a VITAL detail of history that lies concealed behind this name?

What lies behind the name HINDUKUSH, we all know. It was the alaughter ("KUSH") of the defenceless defeated Hindus, dragged up in chains from the plains of Hindustan, generatioin after generation.

In 1947 the whole of West Punjab became HINDUKUSH II.

The Government of India, under the Jackboot of Bandit Nehru, suppressed that detail by calling EAST Punjab "Punjab". The FOOLISH Sikh Sardars went along with him and now call their YAKAB (LAND OF ONE RIVER) "Punjab"! Please don't laugh at their AQAL because they are "be-waqoof" but also BAHADUR (brave). Now they are waging a struggle against their Governor JACOB, to extricate Chief Minister SINGH from his "UNION" Territory in order to move his seat of office to his own State.

Now back to Ramallah. There was a grand temple of LORD RAMA in that town several thousand years ago. When the wild, hungry and sexually starved followers of MOHAMMED invaded their land and destroyed the Temple to build a mosque on the very spot (something very profane and despicable like what they did in JERUSALEM to the holiest Temple of the Jews!), the natives (followers of Lord Rama) insisted on keeping "RAM" in the name. They also dictated one condition before parting with their daughters, "OUR "RAM" WILL PRECEDE YOUR "ALLAH"." Hence it is now RAM-ALLAH, NOT ALLAHRAM!

Seeing the local maidens in the wings, the MOHAMMEDAN conquerors readily agreed, just like JENAB NEHRU agreeing to the absurd PARTITION of India seeing his own high chair in SOUTH BLOC in New Delhi.

Thank God, the NATIVES succeeded in recovering something from the savage Mohammedan marauders- at least the name of their Lord.


Lord Rama seems to have his following right across the KNOWN world at the time. The Pagans in the BALTIC STATES call themselves Romuva and use SWASTIKA in their act of worship.

But where the DIVINE LORD is thought of so poorly and even dismissed out of hand with contempt, is the Supreme Court of PARTITIONED India which has just given its verdict AGAINST the construction of the Temple at his place of birth. According to them, the structure built by an Afghan invader is there to stay to remind the coming generations of HINDUS of their slavery and degradation.