Date: 3/10/2002


"LEADERS OF INDIAN MUSLIMS MEET IN DELHI" (BBC World Service news on March 10, 2002).

WATCH OUT for their antics and tactics of intimidation, blackmail, bullying and threats, to which the PRESIDENT OF INDIA, "NIGGER" NARAYANAN himself, and all the crushed, demoralised pseudo-secular LOK SABHA and media will give their voice and weight.

One could ask, "Where are the leaders of the Bangladeshi HINDUS meeting today?" and "Where are the leaders of the Pakistani SIKHS meeting today?"

It seems that ISLAM from Arabia and Sonia KHAN from Italy have crushed the natives so much that they ACCEPT their ethnic cleansing in Pakistan and BOGUSdesh as a natural DIVINE act of God.

Under this BELIEF, the Hindus have become a walk-over, even in Ayodhya. That does not bode well for PARTITIONED India.