Date: 3/9/2002



It seems the HINDU press and media were more upset than the rest of the world who do understand the inevitability of the slow ethnic cleansing of Muslims in PARTITIONED India in response to the SUDDEN & THOROUGH ethnic cleansing of the HINDUS throughout Pakistan in 1947.

Here are a couple of examples of this hysteria on behalf of the Muslim PREDATOR who has been "eating" the HINDUS by the million since his first appearance in 712 AD.

While history books are full of accounts of the HINDUS and SIKHS massacred in India, there is NO record of any Hindu army having crossed the frontiers in order to plunder, rape, abduct and slaughter tens of thousands of the followers of Mohammed in Iran, Afghanistan, Turkey or Arabia. Isn't that amazing, to be beaten up like a DONKEY, century after century? Yes, century after century without retaliating?

It is therefore, amazing that while the Hindus absorb the news of fellow HINDUS being massacred and slaughtered with the ease of breathing, they seem to sit up and start crying on hearing that a Muslim has been hit on the head somewhere.

Many, including great Hindu scholars and stalwarts of world renown, who have not yet noticed the TWO "Jinns of ISLAM" standing to the right and left of Bharat, are now so "sick and tired" of seeing the Muslims seething in anger AGAINST the Sri Ram Temple that they are fervently advising everyone to forget the issue once and for all, in order to buy peace.

Would this COLLAPSE be due to our genetic inferiority or our extreme INFERIORITY COMPLEX that has penetrated our bodies right down to the bone marrow?

Here are just two reactions to the Temple issue and the Muslim killings-



"The tragic incident of Sabarmati Express that occurred at about 1 km away from Godhra railway station has thrown a question mark at those people, who claim to be secular or liberal."



This is very sad. Something like the Los Angeles riots.



Dear "demoralised/secularised" fellow Indians, and dear NRI'S minus dual nationalty,

If you ACCEPT the Muslims' right to call Pakistan ISLAMIC, should you also not CONCEDE the Hindus the right to make it HINDU RASHTRA?

Please say, "NO!"

Secondly, if you cannot spot a mandir in Saudi Arabia, do you still expect to see mosques all over PARTITIONED India, including EAST Punjab?

Please say, "YES!"

The Hindus are extremely tolerant, so that that IN SPITE of historic humiliation of conceding the indigenous Muslims their exclusive homeland called "Pakistan", they still accept 120 million MOHAMMEDANS in their midst.

In contrast, HOW MANY SIKHS are left alive in Pakistan or BOGUSdesh, where the Law of Mohammed prevails?

Still in your eyes the Muslims are secular and "good friends," while the Hindus are the "fanatical swine!"


We are lucky that Amritsar had more NON Muslims by head count in 1947. Otherwise that city, too, would have gone to ISLAM like Nankana Sahib.

Please disagree.

If hardly any Sikh is perturbed over the dastardly fate of the latter (under Islam), NONE would have bothered in the least about Amritsar, too.

Please say, "NO!", and add, "We would have gone to war to recover Amritsar from the clutches of Mohammedans!"

There is a small grave in the back garden of my neighbour's house. Their grandfather's pet dog lies buried there. The family couldn't part with its memory.

I am still looking for a MEMORIAL to the ONE MILLION Hindus and Sikhs slaughtered (and thousands of Hindu/Sikh women dishonoured, degraded and RAPED) throughout Pakistan in 1947. We do regard them worse than dogs- UNMENTIONABLE.

Please be brave and say, "YES, WE DO!"

So now imagine the cheek of these Muslims, staying put in PARTITIONED India (BROKEN Bharat), to tell the Hindus, "How dare you RE-BUILD your old Temple that the INVADER BABUR destroyed in 1526 in order to build his mosque on the very spot?"

Please praise your "MONKEYS' democracy" that says, "Muslims can do what they like, whenever they like, and wherever they like, including wiping out the Sikhs from North Kashmir and the Hindus from South Kashmir." This version of democracy also DICTATES, "Thou shalt not relate with your fellow Hindus/Sikhs even if you see them slaughtered in front of your eyes."

Thus the Hindu in Maharashtra does not to lift a finger if the Hindus in EAST Bengal are roasted alive, and the Sikh in EAST Punjab will not to lift his little finger if the Sikhs in Chattisinghpura are lined up against the wall and shot dead.

But we all are expected to cry out ON BEHALF OF THE MUSLIMS anywhere- from Gaza to Ayodhya, "FOUL!"

Please say, "That's bullshit!"

Hindus may be "crushed coolies" but they are not "rats". Should we mind if they are tackling the Muslims now, instead of chanting "Hindu Muslim Sikh Isai, Aapas men hain sab bhai bhai!"

Should we continue to celebrate PARTITION by calling it "independence"?

Please say, "YES!"


And here's another report for the HINDUS to feel ashamed, and shed copious tears to fill buckets (while their own blood filled POOLS throughout West Punjab in 1947):

"They came for shelter, were turned over to the killers



AHMEDABAD, MARCH 1: JUST across the road was the State Reserve Police Force (SRPF) headquarters. But that meant little to the thousand-odd people who stayed in the Naroda Patiya slum on the outskirts of Ahmedabad. Last evening, a mob several thousand strong came after them; by the end, more than 60 people had died, burnt alive after being assured of protection by the same mob. All the while, more than 100 armed SRPF men sat in their building across the road . . . . . ."


How is it that in order to stop such bloodshed, and to bring peace and prosperity to thesub continent, ONE thing has to be done. And that is to tell, persuade or force the MOHAMMEDANS to put the KORAN in their bedrooms or up their . . . . . . so that they can become LOYAL citizens of India once again, just as they were until August 15, 1947.

At present this seems to be IMPOSSIBLE for the "midgets" in charge of the fate of India and her ONE BILLION inhabitants, to accomplish.

They are looking up to an Italian born female to show them the way. But what has possessed her own mind, with the zeal of a missionary in Africa, is to show every native "doomed soul" (Hindu and Sikh alike) the WAY TO VATICAN.