Date: 2/26/2002


NECTAR ("AMRIT") TO GANGA JAL TO SONIA JAL (JAL= HOLY WATER) First posting on February 25, 2002 (see above)

Morarji Desai the former Prime Minister of India used to drink his own urine every morning claiming its properties for good health and longevity.

It is a culture of nation and civilisation in which cow's urine is taken or consumed in the same way to cure many an ill. Hence what is the "way of life" in Hindustan, may raise eyebrows and the West and labelled as obscene talk.

But one cannot speak of "obscene" talk when we talk about an "bscene" country. Can we? It is simple logic.

What is obscene in India? Well, countless things which in the West are UNTHINKABLE.

To start with would the Germans erect statues of Hitler? In India they have the statues of Gandhi and Neru ALL OVER.

Would the German (Catholic or Lutheran) virgins put up posters of a MOHAMMEDAN film actor in their bedrooms and experience orgasm on looking at the same before going to sleep at night? Well there are so many such MANLY MUSLIM role models for the HINDU virgins in India, e.g., SALMAN KHAN, AKBAR KHAN, SALIM KHAN, NUSRAT ALI KHAN, and so on. They claim descent from the great HINDU KILLER, TEMPLE DESTROYER KHANS of the past like CHENGIZ KHAN, KUBLAI KHAN and and all the KHANS of Mugal Era when the Hindu was on the run and none challenge the authorith of a Khan over his daughters.

No HINUD actor is so widely known and admired throughout India as these KHANS. They also send a very powerful psychological signal to the Hindu youth, to bow out of the way when a KHAN approached one of their sisters. Hindu maidens fondly watch the KHANS on and off screen engaged in song, dance and LOVE SCENES with the KHANS. It is national enjoyment throughout India.

So with the NATIVE Hindu women so demoralised and smashed they hail Sonia as the FEMALE ON TOP. This gives big thrill to everyone in India, men, women and the eunuchs. She is there where no Indian female can get to. The other most powerful female is none else but the spouse of the PRESIDENT OF INDIA. Like Rajiv, the Rascal, he, too, decided to degrade the native females by importing his own wife from MYANMAR (Burma). So among ONE BILLION Hindus, their women have NO inspring role model.

Thus the nation sank into Sonia Syndrome. What it means, is explained below.

Sonia Syndrome is due to extreme INFERIORITY COMPLEX of the Indians that is born out of CENTURIES LONG SLAVERY under the world's most ruthless rulers who smashed the guts and took out all signs of manliness of the nation. India lay flat in 1947 to be raped from BOTH ends. Figuratively speaking, the Muslims lay her on her back and raped her (taking out FIVE provinces on one day). The Hindus then turned her over to ley her on her tummy to rape from behind (by making the categorical statement with complete disregard to decency and patriotism, "WE ACCEPT PARTITION.") That is where India is still, humiliated, degraded, insulted, ABUSED and in fragments, in dust. Under Sonia Syndrome there is no sign of recovery.

Sonia Syndrome is the adoration of the foreigner that is the logical result of hating one's OWN race and kind which has PERFORMED so abysmally badly.

Sonia has the advantage which NO Mohammedan has. Europeans were the last rulers of India who then maligned the former rule of Islam. Thus, as a result of brainwashing by the Brirtish, the Indians have come to fear and admire the civilised Europeans while hating the savage Mohammedans.

Sonia Syndrome led to the degradation of millions of India wives and THOUSANDS of Indian brides in the eyes of their native husbands. Every young man started dreaming of a bride from Italy like their Prime Minister's son. As a result dowry deaths soared. In the heyday under Rajiv KHAN, at least TEN brides were being burnt to death every day of the year in India. Even Indian coolie media, the worst in the world, cried out, giving out horrendous details of the manmer of killing of these innocent young women whose only fault was brown skin. Sonia Syndrome has proved to be deep degradation and devaluation of the native Indian (HINDU and SIKH) women.

Sonia Syndrome is the proof of gutless Indians who have think SO LITTLE of their own kind and race. Native females are shocked but powerless against this phenomenon. It is unique on earth. Something comparable is seen amaong the MUSLIMS who go out of their way to seduce or abduct a non Muslim female. But they do so to CONVERT, thus giving a big thrill to the world of Islam. In the case of Hindus, they saw Rajiv convert to Sonia'a CATHOLIC Fatih, inviting her POPE to India twice in two decades, thus giving the natives "mules" (Hindu AND SIKH) yet another slap in their face.

Given the tight iron-fisted hold of Nehru Dynasty over the Indians, which means the extremely low calibre and zero resistance to Oppression, the Indians hailed Sonia as their Star of Destiny. Under the same kind of TERROR that led to Partition of India, the natives are still more than willing to accept any member or descendant of Nehru, hoping for their safety.

Earlier in that climate of TERROR none said to Jinnah, "If you want Pakistan, then TAKE ALL THE MUSLIM OUT OF INDIA." Now in the climate of the SAME TERROR none has asked, "Did her grandfather fight under the flag of MUSSOLINI, dreaming of replacing the British in India as our lords?" Or, even, "What has the maid from the Land of MAFIA and POPE got to give our Hindustan, except plunder of wealth and robbing souls?"

In this gutless climate of collapse some Sikhs are trying to get out of Hindustan but under the WILL & POWER of Sonia they can all be finished off instead of being given EDUCATION and JOBS, even DIGNITY.

We have been told of Shri Morarji Desai admiring his own urine for good healtha nd long life. So, taking that cue, now several Hindu sycophants of Sonia are suggesting that her URINE be bottled and sold across India in supermarkets. The profits are intended to go to several Congress Party bank accounts in India and to "Rajiv Gandhi Foundation" in LONDON that was established by high commissioner LM SINGHVI, and