Date: 2/1/2002


The MARATHAS were once great warriors who defended HINDUISM and our TERRITORY (DHARTI) and DAUGHTERS right up to Delhi and beyond. Today they are an EMACIATED demoralised lot like the rest of the crumbling/perishing/decomposing Hindu body.

The Rajputs, wearing glass bangles, are as good as dead, the Sikhs have been pushed into a corner, the Tamils are still licking their "bloody nose", and the Marathas are under the constant angry gaze of GOVERNOR PC Aledander. They are all reconciled to seeing the social and communal air of their own territory heavily polluted by the aliens.

The DEFENCE of Hindustan is in the hands of GEORGE FERNANDES, the "next of kin" of ITALIAN BORN Sonia KHAN of "BOFORS CHOR". The brave jawans (soldiers) of India are getting mutilated in EAST Bengal and killed by the dozen in SOUTH Kashmir.

What future can one see for this "INDIA" where the State, out of TERROR and FEAR (NOT morality or high principles), has gone secular, neutral and "BHANGI" like the President himself?


The correspondent wrote,

"I may sound alarmist, but I have not seen so many Muslim candidates standing for elections in Mumbai before. From Jogeshwari in the north to Colaba in the south there seems to be a sea of Muslim names standing for this year's Municipal elections.

"I am from Mumbai and living here for the past 28 years. I am alarmed because the Municipal elections are a road to dominating Maharashtra.

"Victory by any party in the Municipal elections of Mumbai gives them access to enormous amount of money and power. With so many Muslims now set to enter the Mumbai Municipal Corporation for the first time I am really worried about the future of my city."



We should worry more about the whole country rather than just a city. What are the IMPLICATIONS of the Muslims in BROKEN Bharat dominating the POLITICS of Bombay?

MUMBAI (BOMBAY) is the Gateway to India.

As it welcomed the Imperial British in those days, in the future it will be welcoming the KHANS, SULTANS and TALIBAN from the lands of MOHAMMED.

Along with them will come DRUGS, DIRTY MONEY to build mosques and set up casinos and massage parlours, ARMS & AMMUNITION to finish off the surviving Hindus, and the prospective Arab grooms with pockets full of money to buy and "nikah" the native maidens for seven days, to become their THIRD and FOURTH wives, or even to join the umpteen concubines already serving the Mohammden Masters back home.

Judging by the TWENTY-NINE children of one Osama Bin Laden alone, these Indian females will always be "LOADED" to produce rich crops of more "KAFIR SMASHING" Muslims.

Along with them will come millions of copies of KORAN translated into every native language from Tamil to Panjabi and the vast LITERATURE to subvert the whole of sub continent.

Along with them will come the Imams and Mullahs to found and establish AL QAIDA network across India, from South Kashmir to Eastern Assam and the pimps and exporters of bar maids and dancing girls spread all over Bharat to recruit maidens for the brothels of the Middle East and Western Europe.

Did you say, "Lord Krishna and Guru Nanak will NOT mind this at all?" What kind of Lords and Gurus do the HINDUS have then to inspire their children?