Date: 1/8/2002



Quote: In 1731 Robert Jenkins, a British smuggler in command of the brig Rebecca, was seized by the crew of a Spanish coast guard vessel, who compelled him to surrender his cargo and then cut off one of his ears. (Unquote).

("Jenkins’s Ear, War of," Microsoft® Encarta® Encyclopedia 99. © 1993-1998 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.)

There was fury in England and eventually she went to war against Spain. But India has not gone to war even after TENS OF THOUSANDS of Hindus and Sikhs have been murdered in South Kashmir. So why this excitement right now? (December 2001/January 2002). Let us look closer!

At present Indian Armed Forces (poor mercenary fellows who fight for Dynasty, NOT for Bharat!) are in a state of high alert in the wake of terrorist attack on the Parliament building on December 13, 2001.

That was a Thursday. Had they struck just a day later on a Friday, Allah would have blessed them with the sacred body of Sonia Gandhi, sitting in front row, as their war trophy.

But while Friday is a holy day called JUMMA for all the pious Muslims, it is also the day when manly KHAN brothers of Indian movies behave very profane due to excitement of dancing with so many HINDU maidens and actresses on stage that they think only of CHUMMA and CHUNERIYA, and thus displease Allah.

So Allah was very angry when the terrorists chose a Thursday instead of a Friday for their ATTACK. So, they FAILED to bag the "female deer" of much beauty and grace from Italy.

Mentioning SONIA is neither irreverant or irrelevant to those who know India and her Secularism and Democracy.

Her secularism is ZERO in Lahore and Chittagong, and her Democracy is DYNASTIC since Father Nehru was succeeded by daughter Indira and she in turn by BOFORS CHOR, and to put the "seal of status" on the CONGRESS COOLIE colony, New Delhi's International Airport is still called after the mother of BOFORS CHOR, and so on.

Now Sonia is waiting for her turn to be the next Prime Minister. Given the poor calibre and rotten quality of HINDU MPs, who can sell their conscience for two rupees and mothers for five, that day may come sooner than we fear.

To understand how deeply embedded is the Italian jewel of Sonia in the base metal necklace of Bharat Mata, we need to give credit to the unworthy NATIVE sons calling themselves HINDU. They could neither prevent PARTITION, nor expel the MUSLIMS after the diabolical catastrophe and defeat of 1947.

Did a brave Indian somewhere think Pakistan was disintegrating (January 7, 2002) and "there lay an opportunity for us" (sic)?

What a wishful thinking on the part of the brave patriot who was born in the CONGRESS COLONY of PARTITIONED INDIA, that everyone still calls "India" without batting an eyelid!

The word "us" needs to be qualified for his, and everyone else's, benefit across the globe.

Does it mean the NRIs without dual nationality and without a say in the internal affairs of Bharat (technically speaking, a foreign country!)?

Does it mean the PEOPLE of India, who haven't seen a Hindu Rashtra in a thousand years? They do see ISLAMIC Rashtras on either side like the wide open jaws of a hungry crocodile. We KNOW what these devils will be up to eventually.

Or does it mean the RULERS of India? Then that is NO good news.

Tens of thousands of Hindus have been massacred, butchered and killed in SOUTH Kashmir since 1984 but the rulers took NO notice.

Of course, they went to war against Pakistan to help LIBERATE East Pakistan, not to bring EAST Bengal back to Bharat.

They also went to war on one more occasion and that was when Pakistan advanced in Kutch. It was not India's advance anywhere.

Any territory captured in that war was dutifully returned by prime minister, Gentleman Shastri, before he died of heart attack in Tashkent!

So, we are afraid the RULERS of India have their own reasons for acting brave right now. And here it is: (Will someone care to repudiate, and shout "balls!"?)

When one hundred Hindu pilgrims were massacred in the Valley one night some two years ago, India did not even send a mild protest note to Pakistan.

There was also no reaction when they killed off the entire SIKH male population of a villge, leaving all their widows and orphans behind.

But this time the terrorists struck close to a building in which India's Rashtramata SONIA KHAN was seated in front row.

That was too much for Defence Minister FERNANDES and (Dalit) Christian President NARAYANAN and his spouse TIN TIN from Myanmar.

It is for that reason alone that India may even go to war. Had the terrorists struck a whole town in the Valley and massacred all the Hindus, men, women and children included, there would have been NO reaction.

There was NO retaliation after the Kargil incursion by Pakistan. Do we not remember how India fought an extremely LOCALISED war then? At that time, India could have reacted to the most serious PROVOCATION and gone on to occupy the whole of North Kashmir.

But NO! Pandit Nehru's Congress Party and all the MOHAMMEDANS in Partitioned India would have cried "FOUL!"

India also did not lift a finger when in 1991 a QUARTER OF MILLION Hindus were ousted from their homes in the Valley. They are still languishing in miserable conditions in refugee camps.

Many have cried, "We left our beautiful homes in Srinagar only to sleep in these leaking tents in Pathankot."

We still remember their cries though our Bharat was STONE DEAF.

So let us tell all the HINDU world that we can manage to reach:

"India is only reacting now because the terrorists threatened the life of the MEMSAHIB from ITALY."