Date: 12/2/2001


The ARAB finger up Afghanistan's

The biggest FOREIGN finger mixed up in Afghanistan is THE KORAN. The Book came from ARABIA like the Al Qaida and Bin Laden.

Those who believed in the Book, immediately proceeded to demolish, destroy, raze to ground and burn everything that was Afghanistan’s very own, e.g., BUDDHISM, dignity of women, and all the other religions being practised there freely.

The Koran taught them ‘the arrogance of the self-righteous savage’ like the late Mrs. Indira Khan of India.

It motivated the students of madrassas in Pakistan who became a NEGATIVE RUTHLESS FORCE that came to be known as the Taliban. The more they grew in their boots, the more they thought of the divinity of Koran.

The ever expanding ideological GAS of KORANIC inspiration & indoctrination could not be contained within the balloon any more.

The balloon burst, the bombs rained down from the heaven above, and all the tribal leaders and warlords were summoned to a round table conference in BONN that lies in SECULAR Germany.

Not realizing the Arab finger, they brought copies of Koran with them in order to read exactly the same “Message of the Messenger” that had inspired the Al Qaida in Afghanistan.

Al QAIDA, the terrorist organisation led by Osama Bin Laden is nothing but the product of KORAN. Al Qaida’s prize possessions are guns and copies of Koran.

Bin Laden, the ARABS and the Pakistanis came riding the broomstick called The Koran to Afghanistan which needed NONE of these.

Savage ISLAMIC Afghanistan, as well as IRAN, NORTH KASHMIR and EAST BENGAL, can look around for a similar country living in peace.

What about MONGOLIA? There is NO Al Qaida there nor the KORAN. Life is normal. as it ought to be. and the country welcomes tourists. Not one Mongolian woman is in BURQA.

Buddhist Mongolia regards NONE as her enemy and she has NO enemy on earth. We wish Islamic Afghanistan could boast of the same glory.

Spare a thought for decomposing INDIA, the Land of demolished HINDUS.

The Monster, fed on Koran, took out Lahore and has his eye FIRMLY FIXED on Srinagar and Ayodhya. Can you feel the terrrified HINDU nation breathing?