Date: 11/18/2001


All the LAND-GRAB, LAND HUNGRY Muslim wolves and BANDITS were quite happy when there was no Jewish State at all on eath although they themselves had the earth under their feet from Malaysia to Morocco.

When the tiny state, the size of a finger nail, was born, all the ISLAMIC states immediately declared war on her and tried to wipe her off the map of the world.

Cowardly India was a neutral by-stander although she had just been PARTITIONED and plunged in ISLAMIC bloodbath.

Thanks to the unity, guts and solidarity of the Jews then, though most of them refugees from Europe, they managed to push back the savages, looters, molesters and rapists, and hoisted their flag.

Cowardly Partitioned India had earlier done the most despicable ACT OF TREASON. She promptly recognised the new predator state that had disembowelled her to take out five provinces, TWENTY TIMES THE SIZE OF ISRAEL.

Ever since her birth in defiance of Islamic Mischief, Israel has been a pain in the ar** of the etire Mohammedan world including distant Indonesia that lies on the other side of globe.

Inch by inch the Muslims wish to erode her soil, till even Tel Aviv comes within the range of a hand held morter fired by PLO.

While they can liquidate the minorities in every Islamic state, they wished the Jews to live in fear as minorities all over so that they degenerate into servants or totally lose their Jewish identity on earth like the demoralised Hindus in Hindustan.

The United States ought to ship all the Arabs from Palestine and scatter them among the vast MUSLIM worlds exactly in the manner how the Hindus and Sikhs of WEST Punjab were scattered across the world by the Mohammedans. We must not forget that the 'blighters' did not leave one Hindu alive in North Kashmir.

Pakistan immediately recognized the murderous medieval Taliban State whose economy was based on the export of drugs and terrorism to the rest of the world.

So the gentleman’s world, be on guard! 'Equality of mankind' cannot include those who do not regard all mankind equal and will explode the bombs to prove the point.

President George Bush can go on saying, “Islam is a religion of peace,” but wait for a MUSLIM head of state to say, “Christianity and Hinduism are religions of peace.”


Let the cowardly HINDU India, known as the 'Concubine of Islam', be inspired.