Date: 11/13/2001


Because the NON Muslim were very kind, gentle and civilised and did NOT do to the Muslims what the MUSLIMS did to the non Muslims in their own ISLAMIC republics.

The Muslims are in revolt- in the Philippines, India, Middle East, even in the United States of America. Why there NO revolts by the Hindus, the Christians, the SIKHS, and the Buddhists anywhere? Has anyone ever reflected on this?

Take their biggest complaint or grievance: "Our terrorism to punish America is JUSTIFIED because of 'Israel bashing the PLO'.

But we should KNOW that the Muslims attacked India in 1947 and KILLED ONE MILLION HINDUS even before Israel was born. And what provocation had the Hindus given them in 712 AD when they INVADED the peaceful land called Sind?

In fact all the Muslims ought to THANK Israel for sparing their lives when it was established. They should also thank the Hindus of India for being kind to the bullies in 1947 and they ought to say "Thank you," to America for letting them live and procreate, even build mosques, in that land.

When they occupied Palestine in 1948 to establish their Israel, they DID NOT DO what the Mohammedans would have promptly done in their place.

Once Afghanistan was a Buddist land but all the Buddhists were extermianted within days by its MUSLIM conquerors.

Once Hindus and Sikhs lived happily in West Punjab that was in India. But when it was handed over to the MOHAMMEDANS, all its minorieis were extemianted within weeks in 1947 or expelled. Millions poured into India as refugees.

How tolerant are the Muslim in South Kashmir and EAST Bengal? Does the world take note?

How many Greeks are now living in Northern Cyprus?

Like the Jews in Israel, Partitioned India did NOT exterminate or expel all the Muslims from Kashmir in 1947.

Therefore, the MUSLIMS living in the Jewish State, in Southern Philippines and in Hindu India raised the flag of rebellion as soon as they recovered their breath.

That is why today on earth it is only the separatist intolerant brutal Muslims who are waging the 'wars of independence' against Secular, Friendly, decent, freedom-loving and Tolerant lands.

How is it that the Buddhists in Afghanistan and the Hindus in Sindh and the Sikhs in West Punjab cannot raise their voices for freedom from Islam? Because NONE WAS LEFT ALIVE.

Because the Muslims do not tolerate even one in their own Islamic republics. For the crime of asking the Hindus to wear yellow badges in streets, the Taliban ought to be bombed by the UNO. And for not allowing even one church or temple in Saudi Arabia, the UNO ought to bomb that country, too.

The other dastardly thing the Muslims do promptly is to call the captured, subjugated, land ISLAMIC or HOLY. They ridicule God by telling Him, "Look, you left so much of this earth UNHOLY."

It then becomes impossible for the Secular forces to recover it. They have to declare war on the entire world of Islam.

All the Muslims gang up to die till the last man, defending that ISLAMIC patch.

When did we ever hear the free world recovering even one square inch of land from Muslim control and occupation? When will India get back North Kashmir, Lahore and Dhaka? Why is the death of THESE places final if PLO cannot forget its Palestine or Pakistan cannot give up her claim to South Kashmir?

When will ISLAMIC BOGUSdesh allow the Chakma Buddhists to enjoy the same kind of freedom what the Muslims in South Kashmir want for themselves?

Who is in charge of this world? It is standing on a very ridiculour self-righteous crooked 'Islamic' leg.