PIO ("POOR INDIAN OX"  or "Person of Indian Origin"?)

Date: 8/23/2001



“Is it Poor Indian Ox?” asked an NRI who had just acquired his PhD from India.

“Ox is an animal,” he thought, “which, on the Indian sub continent is given a good beating to keep going and going, and carries tons of his master’s load.”

Indians, according to him, have been carrying the load of their masters all through centuries, For endless centuries it was the Moguls, then the British and now Isalm. How few Moguls drove how many million Hindus, is worth reflecting on.

The ancestors of President KR Narayanan, Supreme Commander of the ceasefiring "bloody-nosed" Indian Armed Forces in South Kashmir, a DALIT by birth, used to carry another kind of load, or burden, on their heads. In a country where a Brahmin is abused as fundamentalist and dangerous, and is not allowed to step forward, KR Narayanan’s chances to be the President were excellent.

After the departure of the British, THEIR man, Nehru, quickly ensnared the Hindus like the partridges.

The Indian government is not only useless in defending the Indians at home (SOUTH Kashmir), they are also criminally negligent with regard to the Indians living abroad. The first sign of their utter contempt of the NRI was the denial of dual nationality, a petty concession which hardly any other country on earth denies to its expatriate citizens..

This website simply REFLECTS the official hatred of the Indian people living at home and abroad. It thinks as much of the useless (damn useless), rotten and thoroughly corrupt Indian Excellencies as these “Excellencies” think of their own subjects.

The title is a legacy of the British Empire when men and stalwarts ruled the world. They were, indeed, real Excellencies. Now with the independence of so many corrupt natives, taking Bofors’ bribes, Fodder-, Banking-, and Stock Exchange Scams, that the title means a “rascal, thug, bhangi” or a “road sweeper”.

These Excellencies are law unto themselves and a DISGRACE to the real Excellencies on earth.

When Pandit Nehru said, “Don’t touch the whiskers of a Muslim even though he is busy burning, looting, raping and killing the Hindus from Karachi to Gilgit, and the Sikhs from Multan to Attock, we should have seen his true colours. Well, the Muslims were, indeed, his “sons in law”. They could get dual nationality through Pakistan but not the Hindus under his foot.

His arrogant, headstrong, and wild daughter, INDIRA, had actually married a KHAN of ALLAHABAD. That’s why the Mohammedans were the “sons in law” of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru and thus, consequently, of the WHOLE OF HINDUSTAN.

Besides one or two Hindus none knew the truth and these were soon to DIE like Feroze Khan himself, to bury the truth for ever. Thereafter Indira kept the Hindus either on the leash like dogs, or on the run like the horses in the paddock. So none asked, “Did Rajiv ji’s learned father also have any cousins, brothers, sisters, or aunts? Who was Rajiv’s PATERNAL grandfather? Did the whole clan suddenly evaporate in Allahabad after his marriage to Indira?”

“You dare ask such impertinent questions about India’s RULING family, you humble native!”

“Forgive me Sire, it was a lethal blunder. Pray, let me keep my job, that is, sweeping and polishing your floor,” said Sita Ram Kesri.

It is this Indian nation that has now become Poor Indian Ox or PIO, to rhyme with PRIVILEGED ITALIAN PERSON. They have yearned, prayed and applied for dual nationality for decades.

PIO also means PERSON OF INDIAN ORIGIN, which means Person afflicted with some kind of leprosy like the Hindu in Kabul. “He is a leper to be avoided,” Rajivji used to howl before the media, saying, “Beware of the foreign hand that is out to destabilise the INTEGRITY and UNITY of our country!” Terrorists Registers were promptly opened in all Indian diplomatic missions abrod.

In the end he got an ANONYMOUS letter. It gave him a shock. The letter said, “The biggest and the most dangerous FOREIGN hand is the one who sleeps in your own bed every night.”

Yes, he slept with his own female import from Italy, but it never occurred to him that a PIO would be so insolent.

“PIO off!, PIO OFF! You Son of a B****!” he shouted in rage. I will sort YOU out!

TEN YEARS were to pass before the insolence of the wretched PIO was forgotten and the high commissioner of India in London uttered the endearing words, “We realise the love of motherland in the hearts of PsIO . . .”.

The Hindu jagat had watched like eunuchs when Raiv’s goondahs and hooligans went on the rampage openly killing the Sikhs in streets, on roads, on trains, in taxis and private cars, in shops and market places. The Government of India, (an anti social obnoxious thing) has yet to hold a trial of those murderers or indeed of the BOFORS CHOR himself. The “government” of India, that is, whose high commissioner thought of the PsIO after more than half a century- and yet the decent thing, the DUAL NATIONALITY proper, not in sight!

Although the BOFORS CHOR was dead, his Foreign Hand was still alive, kicking the one billion on earth, beating them into pulp.

The PIO was still not forgiven. He was NOT to be given his DUAL NATIONALITY outright. He had to buy it piecemeal. He had to pay MONEY. Yes, MONEY. MONEY, MONEY . . . . MONEY.

Doesn’t that please the thugs, the mafia, the rascals in high official and political chairs in Hindustan whose corruption and policies are driving thousands out, begging for political asylum!

Everything is for MONEY, even a child’s meeting its own mother is for MONEY for the secular “donkey-ised” Hindu. Someone said, "The Government of India is a PROSTITUTE, selling decency and principles for MONEY."

The PIO will be allowed to see his “mother” India on payment of MONEY. Would they soon change the term Mother India to “WITCH INDIA”? Would they all offer themselves for conversion- half going Mohammed’s way, the other half the POPE’S?

Does Sonia “Gandhi” pay any money to fly off to see her land of birth? Does a WEST Punjabi or an EAST Bengali in possession of his dual nationality?

NO, it is only the PIO, the clobbered, the crushed and the smashed HINDU, the SHAMELESS, the GUTLESS, the CLUELESS, the SCUM of mankind, who is still regarded as a “dangerous destabilising” foreign hand, out to destroy the UNITY and INTEGRITY of Rajiv Khan’s Hindustan.

Did the BLIGHTER ever see the maps of India of 1940 and then of 1950? The REAL “Son of a WITCH” who called BROKEN BHARAT “Akhand Bharat”, and got away with it by denying the NRIs their dual nationality!

“£640 for a 20-year visa is quite fair. Isn’t it?,” said a Con(gress) man in London. “The Sarkar could have made it £1000. Couldn’t it? Count your blessings, you "NIEDRIGES DING”, you "NIEDRIGER INDER!"

“But Reverend Sarkar,” pleaded a Hindu, “my father fought in the 1948 war to liberate Punch, Uri and Baramula and there he fell a martyr. Do I still need to pay that amount? Isn’t there a concession for a killed soldier’s son, or for a pensioner, or for a widow or for a poor unemployed woman?

"At least for me, Sire, in the name of my late father, who fell a martyr, loyal till death to his Supreme Commander the "NIGGER" NARAYANAN?”

Little did he realize that "Nigger" NARAYANAN himself cannot buy a piece of land in South Kashmir, "being an Indian!" (Article 370 of Constitution.) If the President of Partitioned India has NO sense of dignity or shame, even to protest or resign, what hope for a PIO or NRI? What chance?

“Get LOST, you pariah! Your father was NOT a martyr. There have been only three martyrs in the entire history of our Bharatvarsha. Gandhi No. 1 who fell to dangerous Marathas on January 30th., Gandhi No. 2 who fell to barbarians on October 31st., and Gandhi No. 3, Mr. Clean, who died a martyr on May 21st at the hands of Tamil rebels. Go and kiss their Samadhis and plant a tree at each, to atone for your impertinence.”

“Sarkar, my father was fighting for Pandit Nehru's Secularism.”


“But Sarkar, I am a poor pensioner who worked in English mills and factories for 30 years and am close to death now.”

“Get LOST! It is £640, not a penny less!”


Yes, it is the SAME “HINDU” Sarkar who said “GET LOST!” to the Jawan’s (soldier’s) son who pleaded to buy a small house in Srinagar to live there in order to light a candle at the spot where his father fell defending Rajiv Gandhi’s Akhand Bharat and Nehru’s ancestral land. He did not know the TREACHERY of the Dynasty. He did not know of their love of Secularism either in Lahore or in EAST Bengal while surrendering one and returning the other to ISLAM in 1947 and 1972 respectively.

For the Sarkar it is a blessing that the Hindu is still an “animal” when it comes to understanding the mind of his Sarkar. He would have hanged his President and the Prime Minister from the nearest tree like Mussolini of Sonia Khan’s Italy, had he been aware.

Our Lady from Italy is happy that her Indian shoe-lickers and lickspittles have not yet attained the level of patriotism and dignity what her own countrymen had in 1944.

A person who is devious regards the others crooks. The Indian government are both devious and corrupt- a shattering combination for the Hindu (assuming the Mohammedans went out of India at PARTITION).

On the very day of “Independence” the Hindu was reduced and crushed. Since there was to be NO discussion or referendum over PARTITON, the British Masters had to ensure that their coolie colony India was to go to the traitors who willingly became Party to Partition, the collaborators in High Treason.

The choice fell on the thoroughly anglicised Nehru since Mahatma Gandhi had gone “swadeshi” native in dress and diet.

Thus there was NO way that Nehru was to touch the topic or calamity of Partition. Not only the culprits went Scot free, but also the Muslims left behind in Partitioned India were promptly rehabilitated. Bandit’s Constitution, written by an intimidated ignorant stooge called Ambedkar, put the final seal on their High Treason.

Hindustan, still under the psychological terror of Nehru is not likely to replace the Constitution for the next 700 years. So the strategic goals and policies are still being pursued.

Both Vajpayee and LK Advani are merely ticking away in their posts. They do not belong to the category of stalwarts like Shivaji or Maharana Pratap, who could have ordered a grand trial of NEHRU, all the statues of BOGUS “mahatma” Gandhi removed and the assets of the countless Gandhi Foundations confiscated and looked into for all sorts of frauds and embezzlements.

Is India waiting for a bloody REVOLUTION for all her political and ideological FILTH to be washed away in PEOPLE’S BLOOD?

We have to record India’s fall from grace and her rampant corruption where national wealth is squandered over ambitious nuclear weapons, simmering hostilities in South Kashmir and in putting down all sorts of other revolts.

Merely to spotlight the flourishing IT industry in Bangalore is not enough. There is a vast DARK jungle of human unrest and frustration, resentment and anger, all round. What happened to the peace of Lahore in 1947? What happened to the prosperity of EAST Punjab in 1984? What happened to the idyllic tourist paradise of Kashmir in 1989? What happened to the happy Hindu of Kabul? What happened to the prosperous Indian of Uganda and Fiji? Indians do not ask such questions. They simply get kicked, or exterminated.

We have to record all this so that in a few decades’ time, none should say, “The Hindus perished willingly.” Already the vast and mighty powerful megaphones and microphones of ruling establishment of Partitioned Indian Secular State (PISS) are carrying on tirelessly with their propaganda: “All the Zoroastrians in Iran, Buddhists in Afghanistan, Hindus in East Bengal, and the Sikhs in Rawalpindi embraced ISLAM willingly in order to step out of the DARKNESS spread by Guru Nanak, and to step into the LIGHT thrown by Mohammed in Mecca.

We must record the DEGRADATION of the Hindu in Partitioned India where he cannot raise his head in Ayodhya, re-appear in Lahore, go back to Srinagar, recover a SIKH maiden from a smelly KHAN, eating beef and putting ALIEN Arabic into her ears while doing namaz.

Today (August 22, 2001) Mr. Yasser Arafat has called for a meeting of all the Arab states in Cairo to formulate a joint policy against Israel. Who will invite the heads of 25 Hindu states in South Asia- from Kerala to Assam, some like Maharashtra large enough to accommodate TEN Islamic republics within their borders, to discuss THEIR RESPONSE to the Islamic revolt in South Kashmir?

This alone shows that the Hindu is "DEAD" on his own territory, or ON THE RUN while flourishing abroad- yes, ABROAD, where the rulers are not circling the earth in the OPPOSITE direction to their subjects. Rulers, who encourage EDUCATION and grant DUAL NATIONALITY. Compare THEM to the "monkeys" ruling and fooling India. Denial of dual nationality and substituting it with PIO Cards, on sale for £640 each, are part of this "MONKEY BUSINESS" that the world regards as Government of India.

What freedoms has the Hindu civilisation, culture and State created for the natives of India when the two TOP females are foreign imports, the President’s wife from MYANMAR and the future Prime Minster from ITALY?



“How do you deal with THIS beast?”, enquired the Prime Minister of India, discussing an important topic behind closed doors in New Delhi. “He only knows how to throw a grenade, explode a bomb, set fire to a building, fire a gun, kill a minister, and CONVERT.”

“I don’t know, Bhayya Chu*iya, but God help your fellow Hindus, if the beast is not pushed back beyond the border, or killed."

“Pushed back where?”

“O don’t YOU know of the ceasefire line? They say, when the Muslim militants are on it, they stop to do what a man would do after drinking six pints of beer in an hour! And they SPIT on the line in contempt and resolve to blast it away one day.

But when the Indian soldiers come to the same ceasefire line in hot pursuit of those militants, they halt promptly, and considering it holy as the cow, do not cross it, do not violate it, do not insult the memory of Nehru who declared it sacrosanct and inviolable like a goddess.

“Is it true then that the Hindus cannot return to Srinagar, nor visit Nankana Sahib without a visa nor raise their biggest Temple in Ayodhya?”

“Yes, that is true. In today’s PARTITIONED India there is still many a KHAN who, not finding his spittoon, asks a Hindu standing nearby, to open his mouth wide.”

By accepting LACK OF DUAL NATIONALITY, the NRIs are like that Hindu with mouths wide open. Replace "KHAN" by "Government of India" and see what disgusting frothy slimy thing the Indians living abroad are getting spat into their mouths!

Yes, it is terrible and vulgar but true. Just see those yellow ribbons in Kabul! Even the UNO is powerless before the bully. Did you expect the emaciated “langoti-posh” Bapu Gandhi, fed on goat milk and peanuts, to oppose the birth of Pakistan?”

Take the President of India today and ask him to ride a horse, carrying a sword in hand.

The Supreme Commander of India’s Armed Forces, Mr. KR Narayanan, has quite a Christian conception behind his Hindu name! Ask him to ride a pony and hand him a sword. First he will need SIXTEEN cease-firing Hindu warriors to lift him up to the saddle, and then order the ambulance in case he faints, seeing the sword. Only such "men" sell their wives and daughters, and also PIO VISA CARDS (dual nationality)!

No wonder they chose him for the job. A Hindu in Hindustan must not be inspired but left in despair merely looking at his President emerging from Rashtrapati Bhawan.

We are told that the HINDUS are NOT looking up this website. They have been commanded to AVOID the word “Partition” everywhere. But it is the Italians and the Muslims who are devouring every word and line of it. And as they get better informed, so they tighten the noose around the Hindus even more. The Hindu is about to be surprised. A world record, surely, of what the INDIANS can be made to lump, eat, swallow, pay, and push up theirs.

The PIO Card is on Sale for £640 and is available from the BROKEN Bharat high commission in London, UNITED Kingdom. Please hurry while the stock lasts. The reprint will cost £1000 a piece.

The vulgarity of this charge reminded an elderly Hindu of the days when the bedraggled foot convoys from West Punjab were thoroughly searched by the Muslim police, army and mobs at the borders, and robbed of every rupee, ring and necklace. The Hindu was sent to his new and unknown home in India penniless and semi naked.

It is the same sentiment of Sarkar behind this hefty charge. The Hindu should be robbed as much as possible before he embarks on a journey to his Bharat Mata, just in case he has any nickels or silver left in his pocket to donate to a good cause or his local school or temple.

When the ghost of Bandit Nehru finally dies, the charge will be abolished. "Poor Indian Ox" (PIO) will get his DUAL NATIONALITY, instead, and told he is free to come and go as he likes. Mother India is waiting to welcome him back!

That will be the day when the low down scum can call themselves Hindus with their dual nationality at last.