Date: 8/20/2001



(they come from Hindustan)

“The first Indian immigrants to England were the labourers much needed for the factories.” This is how many social workers and historians begin their theses on the Indians in this country.

Then we come the present era-

“People hurl abuse, throw stones through the windows, sometimes the law breakers even set fire to their houses, killing families trapped inside.”

“There is widespread job discrimination”

“The Government have set up a ‘Commission for Racial Equality’ to ensure the equality of the unequal with the equal.”

All this makes the main ingredient of an “Asian” immigrant’s psyche. (The “Asian”, in reality, is the one from the broken, dismembered, bleeding sub continent that was once United India until 15 August 1947- just like the United States and the United Kingdom.)

Little thought is given by anyone to see through the smile of human prejudice in the West, or to recall the richness of our own original cultures back home devastated by self-serving politicians, preachers and pundits, who keep chanting, “All mankind is your family, O Hindu.” The Sikh preachers are simply the echo of the Hindu chant.

Perhaps the first good thing will be to abolish the ‘Commission for Racial Equality’. Who needs a hospital if none is ill? But the real hue and cry against any probe as suggested, will be by the governments of the immigrants’ countries who not only are tyrannical and despotic (one-party affairs) but also dangling an invisible sword over their citizens’ heads abroad.

The main function of the high commissions and embassies abroad is to report those with a dissident voice to the “Big Brother” back home, who can literally dispossess and impoverish the close relatives in no time, even confiscate the property, which the immigrant left behind.

No one, who is happy, ever leaves his country. Yet the immigrant’s background, his real motives, and the POLITICAL set-up back home are not researched or looked into.

There are NO economic factors. Richness is relative and the poor, by and large, are happier than the so-called rich. You will find Jesus and the suffering native even in Albania from where Mother Teresa emigrated.

There are three kinds of immigrants:

1. People who leave their country to conquer, plunder, colonise or convert.

2. People who find life unbearable at home due to the tyranny of their repressive political systems which suffocate the soul and spirit of citizens.

3. People who are impoverished and seek a higher standard of living abroad.

The older Indians will recall the respect and awe they showed their “Sahibs” and ~”Mem Sahibs” (immigrants of the first category) in the pre-1947 India.

The second category commands everybody’s respect, too. They openly abuse the political tyrants back home, and cannot wait to go back once the political set up in their countries of origin goes genuinely democratic. Among them you will find the Poles, the Ukrainians, the Afghans, the Croats, the Vietnamese, the Iranians and the Afghans resident in this country.

Now look at the third category (third class) immigrants.

Since the immigrants are labelled with the image of their category, they are treated accordingly. The INDIANS will soon need three more Commissions of Racial Equality in order to “educate” the ignorant British to develop high regard for them.

Since we Indians cannot belong to the First Category, we must belong to the Second to command some respect abroad. We must openly abuse the political tyrants and thugs back home and show keenness to go back like the Bosnians, the Iranians and the Afghans- once there is a clean POLITICAL set up in our countries of origin. Up to now we have been timid, scared and reticent and have brought a ton of disgrace upon our heads.

Many are still praising the Nehrus and Gandhis of India. Many still call this century’s greatest freedom fighter, Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale, a “terrorist” (without listening to any of his well recorded speeches!), but his arrogant, repressive and thoroughly CORRUPT and treacherous adversary Indira “The Mother of Hindu Nation”, and sing and dance to celebrate the DEATH of Akhand Bharat on 15th of August every year, overlooking the mutilation of Punjab, Bengal, Kashmir and Assam and the ONE MILLION DEAD of 1947!

Obviously, a growing number of people of this country (the United Kingdom) will have CONTEMPT for such immigrants who have foolishly given everyone to believe that they fall so squarely in THIRD CLASS. Many will hurl abuse at them and shout, “To Hell with Commission of Racial Equality which is trying to call an Indian DONKEY a race horse!”




The “Indian Coolie” living abroad is now required to pay a hefty sum of £640 (six hundred and forty pounds) for the privilege of travelling to and fro his land of BIRTH, for up to 20 years. And if the emaciated elderly Hindu, fed on goat’s milk and nuts, dies after three or four years only, there is no mention of any refund.

The High Commission of India, Visa Wing, has said (, “The Government of India understands and respects your need to be close to your place of origin and has accordingly launched the “PIO Card” scheme, aimed at making the journey back to your roots, simpler, easier, flexible and trouble free.” (sic)

The points to note are that these “sons of bitches”, the so-called Government of India only now, since 1947, "understand and respect our (NRIs) need to be close to our place of origin!"

Do they not know that HONOURABLE Pakistan and Bangladesh gave DUAL NATIONALITY to their citizens from Day 1 of their Independence from the stagnating, decomposing devious HINDU India?

Do they not know that an honourable Jew pays nothing for the joy of travelling to Israel to embrace and kiss the land of his ancestors? NO such luck for the scum of mankind, the HINDUS!

The right to return to the land of one’s birth is like the right to return to one’s mother any time.

Any devious BASTARD who stands in the way, ought to be condemned, abused profusely, CRUSHED and REMOVED forthwith. There are some things worth FIGHTING for, even for the surrendering, appeasing, fleeing timid Hindu before his windpipe becomes too choked for him to breathe!

But knowing the “decapitated” headless Hindu race and the leaderless Sikh Panth at present, the unthinkable is more likely to happen.

The Indians living abroad, smelling the invisible hand of Italian born Mother of Nation, SONIA KHAN, will be only too willing to remit 6,400 instead of 640 to the high commissioner of the third class India in London, provided they also receive a small sachet of Sonia Jall.

Spare a thought for Veteran Vishnu Datt Sharma of Southall in England, who bravely “campaigned” for the petty concession of our dual nationality for several years and died in the middle of his “battle” against the Government of India.

Spare a thought for the Non Resident Indians living abroad who were asked by the Government of India to “prepare and submit” a case for dual nationality and who went round in circles studying other constitutions to support their prayers, pleas and appeals.

Not one threw a grenade at the mother of one of these high commissions in London since 1948.

The non violent, submissive, timid and cowardly HINDU is responsible for a million sins, not only the Partition, his well deserved treatment at the hands of Idi Amin and Col Rabuka, the well deserved abuse from the NATIONAL FRONT in the UK, the well earned abuse from the Kashmiri Muslims in South Kashmir, and from the Nagas, the Bodos, the Dodas, the Dalits, the Catholics, the Muslims, the Sikhs, and the YELLOW RIBONS in Kabul. “Don’t they DESERVE it all?”

"Yes, O YOU, emaciated, niggardly INDIAN fellow, dancing in your family’s golden bowl, come here to pay for the privilege of seeing your mother. Did you say her name was India?”

Wouldn’t you agree, the Indians living abroad fall into the THIRD category of immigrants in North America, Europe, Japan and the REST OF THE WORLD, including Fiji and Afghanistan?

Yes, his own government treats him like a “DOG”. He will line up to pay £640 for that trip to India for which he also has to save up for the airfare. He will DIE with the satisfaction that he had a “document” bearing the official seal (which will be worth ten times its value when Sonia KHAN ascends the dynastic throne, at present with transient caretaker Vajpayee), that entitled him to visit his sacred land of ancestors THEORETICALLY for 20 years but in reality he died of heart failure two days before boarding Air India jumbo to Mumbai!

Indian, the laughing stock of the whole world, not only of the warrior Fijians!

His dream of DUAL NATIONALITY fizzled out in such a ridiculous manner just like the AKHAND BHARAT of his mahatma GANDHI, just like his Constitution which calls Partition “INDEPENDENCE”.