Date: 8/12/2001


Why are the Arabs bent upon annihilating the tiny "island of democracy, peace and progress" in the whole of Middle East. Look at the map of the world. Haven't they got ENOUGH territory yet?

Perhaps, as in the words of Saeed Jaffrey, see below, they have got sod-all else to do!



A suicide bombing rocked a downtown Jerusalem pizza restaurant, killing 18 people and wounding almost 100. Among the 18 dead are 6 children.

The attack tooked place in the Sbarro pizza restaurant at the corner of King George and Jaffa streets during the busy lunch hour.

The restaurant was completely destroyed in the attack, television broadcasts are showing emergency personel pulling the dead and wounded out of the rubble.

Islamic Jihad terrorist Omar Abu Nasseh, of Jenin, was the suicide bomber responsible for the attack. The claim was made on the Lebanese-based Hizbullah television network.

Yasser Arafat's Fatah party praised the attack.


“The Daily Telegraph”, mass circulation newspaper from London, wrote in its editorial under the heading, “BLAME ARAFAT, NOT ISRAEL” on Sunday, August 12, 2001:

“ . . . As the toll of violence mounts in the Middle East, many people in the West seem tempted to draw a moral equivalence between the Israeli security forces and the fanatical members of groups such as Hamas. That temptation should be resisted.

It is perhaps to easy to forget that Israel is the only genuine democracy in the region. Since the beginning of the Middle East “peace process” in 1993 it has largely honoured the agreements which it brokered with the Palestinians. In a dramatic change of policy, it allowed Yasser Arafat both to return from exile, and to set up a Palestinian Authority in Gaza.

Mr. Arafat- although elected as authority’s leader by the vast majority of the voters- has displayed little respect for democracy towards his fellow Palestinians. Financial corruption in his administration has been rife, and his security forces have silenced opposition leaders and shut down dissenting newspapers.

Last year, at the Camp David summit, Ehud Barak – the former Israeli army leader who was then Prime Minister- offered Mr. Arafat a handsome package of concessions. It included the return of 90% of Gaza and the West Bank to Palestinian control, and the establishment of a limited Palestinian political presence in East Jerusalem. The Israeli belief that the city is the Jewish state’s “eternal and undivided capital” had been voluntarily compromised, and Palestinians were promised control of Muslim holy sites.

This may not have delivered Mr. Arafat’s wish-list in full, but it contained far greater Israeli concessions than he could ever have imagined possible when he was in exile in Tunis. The Palestinian leader, however, chose not only to reject the deal, but to declare war on Israel. As part of his battle strategy he released from prison dozens of Islamic militants for whom every Israeli citizen is deemed a legitimate target for assassination.

Mr. Arafat’s ambiguous attitude to Islamic terrorism is a long-standing and growing impediment to any future ‘rapprochement’ with Israel. He has recently shown a willingness to form a “unity government“ which would include representatives of Hamas and Islamic Jehad- the very people responsible for the recent scenes of carnage on the streets of Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. The Palestinian leader appears willing to act decisively against such groups only when they threaten his own political survival, and not the survival of Israeli citizens.

Last week, after the Jerusalem bombing, the Israeli police took control of Palestinian headquarters in East Jerusalem: it was an attempt to show that political concessions to the Palestinians would be rescinded if the threat to Israel’s security mounted.

The response of those close to Mr. Arafat was not to restrain the militants on the Palestinian side, but rather to declare “a battle for Jerusamem”. Ahmed Abdel-Rahman, one of Arafat’s aides, proclaimed: “the Palestinian people are left with no choice but to escalate resistance and the Intifada to liberate holy Jerusalem.”

Little lies at the end of such a battle but the increased suffering of ordinary Israeli and Palestinians. The escalation of misery, however, is not something which has greatly troubled Mr. Arafat in the past: his leadership of the Palestinian Liberation Organisation in Lebanon was one of the crucial factors in a bloody 15-year civil war.

It is fast becoming apparent that Mr. Arafat is less a broker of peace than an obstacle in its way. Should the West fail to acknowledge his sizeable share of responsibility for events, it will merely confirm Israel in a stronger sense of defiant isolation. As Mr. Gold said, shortly before the Jerusalem bomb: “You can get the best PR in the world but if your people are dying, you haven’t gained anything.”


The last sentence applies in toto to Mr. Vajpayee and his useless cabinet of ministers in New Delhi: “If your people are dying in South Kashmir, your samjhauta express and banquet in Agra for the Muslim Nawab, hasn’t gained anything except softened up the HINDU target even more for the ISLAMIC guns which are just waiting to open up in full fury. Your fellow Hindus haven’t seen it half as yet.

After five provinces, there are 25 more of the SAME nishkam sewak ‘Mountain of Mud’ under you, Mr. Vajpayee.”


Mr. Vajpayee and his intimidated HINDU cabinet have yet to EXPLAIN as to why PLO Chief, with gun in bandolier and massive security guards all round, was invited to New Delhi umpteen times to be embraced by the President, to be conferred with Awards and Honours, invariably accompanied by huge CASH gifts, and to get his feet washed by Hindu maidens in hotels where he stayed the nights in paradise-like comforts.

Yes, the Government of India has to do some explaining to the rest of the world, too, who think BROKEN BHARAT, with "JINNAH HOUSE in Mumbai still in tact, is a MULE led by ISLAM.



(STRONG LANGUAGE. Please don’t read if under 18)

The Daily Telegra[h, London, May 11, 2001, page 26:

FUNDAMENTAL DISAGREEMENT. Saeed Jaffey, currently starring in The King & I, may risk a fatwa with his robust views on the religious Right.

“I was born a Muslim” he says, “but I hate those Muslim fundamentalists. They give the religion a bad name.

(“I was born in a gutter when my mother was on the run from Sialkot, WEST Punjab, chased by Mohammedan bastards shouting “Allah Hu Akbar,” in 1947. But NOW I don’t live in a gutter, Mr. Jaffrey! Who has condemned or cursed you to stick to that “Religion” in which they will pronounce fatwa on you, and wring your neck, for speaking out your mind freely?)

“If I could do one thing, I would bring back the prophet Mohammed and send him round the Arab world looking for fundamentalists and priests.”

(Isn’t that blasphemy, too, Mr. Jaffrey, to wish to bring back Mohammed from heaven to such a hellish world down here? Another Fatwa, please, O Ayotullah!)

“When he found them, he would grab them and shake some sense into the two-dimensional bastards.

(Would Mohammed, enjoying his life in Paradise as per definition in Koran, wish to leave it all- the houries, the virgins, the grape wine, young almond-eyed boys, and the gold cups filled with nectar- to chastise the ‘two dimensional bastards’ on earth, as you put it, who are sincerely following Mohammed’s very own Hadis and Koran to the letter?)

“Those priests who go around preaching that you should live only by the Koran . . . I’ll tell you why they do it: they’ve got sod-all else to do.”

(Yes, quite right, Mr. Jaffrey. That Jerusalem bomber who massacred 15 and injured 130 last week, had sod-all else to do.

So had Mohammed Ali JINN from “Jinnah House” in Mumbai -still well preserved, well kept and well maintained in PARTITIONED India- who, not tolerating amicable peaceful fraternal life of Hindu & Musalmaan after the departure of the British masters, let loose the Devil on the sub continent. We still see the fireworks in South Kashmir.