Date: 7/15/2001




Heroes come home to a great welcome. Often sons of soil have to leave their countries of birth due to frustration born out of inefficiency, corruption, nepotism and treachery of the rulers like the BANDIT Dynasty in Partitioned India, who have enslaved the country and crushed the initiatives, drives and dynamism of their own people. That’s why the HINDUS are fleeing India in all directions.

Many NRIs (Indians living abroad) lead wretched lives, working on night shift or in corner shops and small grocery stores, living from hand to mouth, even on State hand-outs, but some have “made it” and one can see them living in mansions with swimming pools and home cinemas. They are now wealthy NRIs whose children go to private schools.

The wealthy NRIs have forgotten, for some very good reasons that can be guessed, the causes and reasons of their saying “good bye” to their dear Bharat, leaving their envious friends, sad relatives and crying mothers behind.

When reminded of the impoverished conditions back home in decomposing Bharat facing the prospect of Sonia’s corrupt Congress coming back to POWER, they turn around and say, “Don’t mention the dogs.” (The mean the fellow Indians back home!)

They buy their social esteem by donating hefty funds to political parties, MPs and Congressmen abroad and generally act as hosts when the corrupt ministers from India decide to visit the West in summer.

And the world is none the wiser on this THIRD wave of gypsies from the SAME country called India. The FIRST wave of Indians were all HINDU, who fled Sindh, Gujarat and Punjab, due to the frequent invasions by that unstoppable Mohammedan marauder, Mahmud, from the tiny starving principality of Ghazni in Afghanistan, who rampaged through the giant sized but chicken hearted HINDUSTHAN year after year for loot, slaves and maidens. (11th century AD)

The SECOND wave of Indian gypsies fled when their homes were set on fire by the unstoppable Islamic frenzy in 1947, which smashed all Hindu resistance and decimated the Sikhs within days, and broke up Hindusthan (Mahatma Gandhi’s “Akhand Bharat”) into three fragments.

And the THIRD wave of Indian gypsies was forced to flee due to the fires of ‘culture of corruption’, stifling bureaucracy and the reign of terror let loose by Nehru Dynasty who are still determined to keep India under their own foot by hook or crook.

How does the native land of birth welcome her son coming back home? Let us see some instances.

The whole of Ireland came out, a few years ago, to welcome the President of the United States of America whose grandfather had emigrated from Ireland.

The whole of Lithuania turned out to welcome Valdas Adamkus who returned from the United States after an exile lasting 50 years due to the Soviet occupation of his country. The people showed so much love, regard and respect to the, now white haired, Adamkus that they elected him PRESIDENT of their country. He still is.

The whole of truncated EAST Punjab rejoiced when the current premier of British Columbia, a Sikh, came home to see his family, friends and the beloved Harimandir Sahib in Amritsar, which the Political Witch ruling India in 1984, attacked.

But look! General Pervez Musharraf was born in Delhi but “spitting” on the land of his birth and its Apostle of Peace, moved across to the “Land of Allah & Promise of Mohammed” in 1947.

There he joined the army and as the Chief of the Army Staff launched the Kargil invasion in order to reduce the land of his birth even more in size. What kind of a “son of India” has be proved to be?

Noble people are LOYAL to their countries of birth but traitors are disloyal. Every Musalman, Musharraf and his parents included, who are disloyal to their countries of birth are traitors and when caught, they are stood before the FIRING SQUAD.

It is the norm on earth except in the land of PERISHING PAGANS (PI or Partitioned India).

When Musharraf visited the house of his IGNOBLE birth in Delhi (July 14, 2001)), there was heavy police and army present. Sharp shooters had been placed on rooftops. Local residents, the NATIVES, wanted to lynch him, roast him alive. The HIGH TREASON by him and his parents was recalled by EVERY Indian except the Italian born Sonia Gandhi, the widow of BOFORS CHOR who has NO connection with the SOIL or PEOPLE of India except to grind them all into more poverty and then give them death or CONVERSION. (SPIT in the face of all the native morons- Hindu and Sikh- seen sitting at her feet!)

When Musharraf returns to his “hot and boiling” MOHAMMEDAN “HELL-STAN” he will have time to reflect, time to think, and may be, time to come back to India, even to his ancestors’ Hindu fold.

But for this, the Hindus must look decent and attractive, honouring their Gita and Vedas in public, resurrecting the Temple in Ayodhya with pride, and NOT as rag bag of a circus, sitting at the feet of Sonia from the Land of Mussolini! The Sikhs, too, will have to do intelligent things in life.

If the miracles do happen, Musharraf could throw the hat in, return to Delhi to live a decent secular life and contribute to the well-being of his fellow Muslims caught in insecurity about their tomorrow and sinking in poverty through isolation.

He could even dump the KORAN of the Arabs, that made all the INDIAN Muslims, including him and his parents, MORON.

The alternative is Pakistan getting more angry and frustrated over KASHMIR and then hitting intransigent New Delhi hard with a DEVASTATING nuclear strike.

In the case of the “sheep and goats” of Bharat and the “tigers and wolves” of Pakistan, it is so easy to FORESEE their future. They were ONE nation until the BANDIT and the JINN embraced each other to attack their own land of birth.

SHAME ON BOTH MUSHARRAF & VAJPAYEE, the “chickens” of history, who could not put PARTITION as Item 1 on the Agenda in Agra.