Date: 6/21/2001


"There used to be Hindus living here. Then we chased them out," boasted a Muslim host in LAHORE.


Like the wolves that shadow and pursue a herd of cows, looking for opportunity to pounce upon a straggler, they discovered Cyprus with 30% Turks and 70% Greek.

The proportion was right, and the location was right, too. Cyprus being miles away from Greece.

The manly Turks invaded the island and for 30% Turks they occuped 40% of its territory.

That was the Islamic justice, and peace returned on Islamic terms.

NATO, the great friend of Islam, then put the lid on. There was NO bombing of Turkish invaders in Cyprus, and the European Union did NOT lift the little finger to OUST the Turks from there.

EU, NATO, Turks and the Albanians, are the birds of the same feather. Hindus are the insects and vermin of this earth. One day they were in Lahore, the other day they were GONE! One day they were in Uganda . . . One day they were in Fiji . . . . One day they were in Kabul . . . . One day they were in EAST Bengal . . .

Then the wolves shadowed another herd of cows, happily grazing in green pastures away from troubles of the world and Islam. The wolves had discovered MACEDONIA.

Here with 30% Albanian MUSLIMS, the ratio was just right to ATTACK. The wolves leapt on another "lame duck" of Europe, and dug their teeth deep into its flesh.

NATO being on the side of ISLAM pressed on the Macedonian Government, "Negotiate peace with the Albanians. Negotiate peace. Negotiate peace. Negotiate peace if you want peace."

Now what peace could the much beleaguered Macedonians negotiate when they had already negotiated away 40% concessions to the 30% Albanians?

In other words, NATO was saying, "Concede and surrender like the HINDUS of India to save your skin."

The pursuit by the Islamic pack of wolves was very deadly and soon Macedonia started bleeding to death.

NATO, which was quick to move against the Serbs in Bosnia, did not lift a little finger to crush the invading Albanians in Macedonia.

It was also like that, a long time ago. The British were about to leave India due to the promise they had given to the Indian colony during World War 2.

They had kept the 30% Muslims and the 70% Hindus of the land firmly under their boot. The Hindus could move safely from Peshawar to Chittagong, and there was no "dog collar" for them in Kabul yet.

Then the Muslims suddenly jumped on to the Hindu cow and demanded 50% parity in Government just like the Albanian Muslims are doing right now in Macedonia.

The top Hindu leaders bought peace by surrendering 40% of territory to the 30% Muslims, with the exclusive right to the Muslims to EXTERMINATE the Hindus in Pakistan. UNO merely watched like the eunuchs at a "naatch tamaasha" show. A million Hindus were massacred and tens of millions DRIVEN AWAY from their homes- many leaving their wailing daughters behind, to be raped, sold or killed.

In hot pursuit of the fleeing Hindus, the Muslims exterminated the Hindus in North Kashmir, too.

In South Kashmir they kept bleeding the Hindu body right until 1989 when, taking advantage of the upheaval in Eastern Europe, they WIPED OUT the Hindus.

There are a quarter of a million HINDU refugees from Kashmir Valley who bear testimony to the collapse of the Hindus on their own territory.

Soon the President of the "pirate" Republic of Pakistan will be arriving in New Delhi as the Head of a Sovereign State.

The crushed and degraded Indians will feel mighty honoured and flattered in being seen by the INDIAN Muslims, by the PLO, and by the rest of the world, welcoming a Muslim foreign Head, who could justifiably be arrested as War Criminal and delivered straight to the International Court of Justice at Hague. The Indian Army could recall the invasion of Kargil, and act, also hanging Mr. Atal Behari Vajpayee from the nearest tree, for the crime of being caught with his pants down.

Furthermore, since 1947 every Muslim on the sub continent is guilty of High Treason against India. But to ENFORCE the law, the police has to be manly, not Hindu eunuchs, enjoying a secular "naatch", or "burfi" at Iftar.

Little do Hindu MPs at the Parliament in New Delhi reaslise that the ISLAMIC flag is bound to fly over their heads one day in the near future since none of them can muster guts to shout at Musharraf, "DISSOLVE Partition. Let us re-negotiate the terms."

Hindu India is the first "cow" on earth to welcome the virile Islamic "BULL" upon its back, with full military honours at the "Indira Gandhi International Airport" named after the Political Witch who captured EAST Bengal only to return to ISLAM, UNCONDITIONALLY, of course, while scheming to give a "bloody nose" to the Sikhs in EAST Punjab.

Watch Partitioned India go up in flames of civil war very soon.

General Musharraf will boost the identity, unity, awareness and pride of the INDIAN Muslims, who by that "Act of Partition, 1947", are all PERSONA NON GRATA, and then encourage them to "go for the throats" of the Hindus.

He will say to them, "Are you eunuchs, watching the ongoing rape of Kashmiri Muslims? Go and LIBERATE them, and yourselves, too, in the manner of EAST Bengal!"

There will be rivers of blood flowing very soon since the foundations of India are sand, and its frontiers were given by the Sword of Islam in 1947- not by plebiscite.

In 1947 the ratio of manhood in united India was "One Muslim equals 100 Hindus". Today, thanks to Nehru, Indira, the BOFORS CHOR and his Italian born spouse, that ratio in PARTITIONED India is One "Muslim equals 100,000 Hindus".

Is the President of India Hindu? Is his wife Sikh or Buddhist? If not, then ON WHOSE SIDE is the Supreme Commander of the Indian Armed Froces? Verily, the "eunuchs in uniform" salute him on Partition Day every year.

Hindus don't ask questions. Like Pavlov's DOGS, they are conditioned to submit and surrender.