Date: 4/26/2001



All-India Congress Party, which agreed to the unconditional surrender of Sindh and FOUR other provinces of India to the separatist Mohammedans, without FIGHT or REFERENDUM, and without dictating a single term or condition in 1947, ought to have been EXTERMINATED by the HINDUS on August 15, 1947, that is, within 24 hours of that absurd and bogus PARTITION.

There should have been utmost DISGUST and REVULSION over their High Treason.

All the Party leaders, including “mahatma” Gandhi and Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, ought to have been “gheraoed” and lynched by PATRIOTIC mobs or cut up limb by limb and fed to dogs and vultures.

How did the Italians deal with their Grand Duke Mussolini?

But the INDIANS were so IGNORANT, terrified and subservient in that year, and so roped in and duped by Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru’s propagandists, megaphones and loudspeakers, and all his subservient “coolie” editors and journalists, that they not only forgave these top Congress “rascals” but also elevated them to the highest offices in land, and saw their country further BRAINWASHED, intimidated and robbed.

On the day of Partition, every Indian became a midget, a dwarf- reduced like his country.

On Day 1 of that horrendous surrender (Partition), Congress leaders set upon the following course of action for their “Coolie Colony” called India.

1. All mention of PARTITON was discouraged and frowned upon. Now it is totally WIPED OUT of the national psyche. The term “refugee”, that applied to tens of millions then, was officially discarded within weeks.

2. Projected the separatist MUSLIMS as a loyal and patriotic community just like the Rajputs, Marathas and the Sikhs in PARTITIONED India.

3. Imposed upon the whole ignorant nation the same tricolour “MONGREL” flag of the Party that was valid so long as India was united and fighting for freedom from the British.

After PARTITION an entirely new flag had to be designed and adopted. But Pandit Nehru would NOT have it.

The colours of the new flag had to be YELLOW for sunshine, GREEN for India’s fertile lands and vegetation, and RED for all the HINDU BLOOD spilled over the centuries, especially in the very Year of Partition.

In its middle, instead of the “Buddhist wheel” called Ashoka Chakra, there had to be either HINDU Trishul or Khalsa KHANDA CHAKRA to infuse PRIDE and PATRIOTISM in the defeated, demoralised and slavishly subservient “coolie” nation of the Hindus.

4. Usurped schools, colleges, universities and the entire “Education” system for their own dirty ideological propaganda in order to serve the ends of their own vast ruling establishment.

The names “Nehru” and “Gandhi” became the most respected and feared, while words like “Hindu” and “Singh” meant an abuse.

5. Set up a vast army of secret informers, intimidating security forces and an elaborate system of vetting to reward the supporters of Party, to produce a bureaucracy that is manned by the sycophants and stooges, and to let foreign nationals, agents and FEMALES effortlessly slip into the Prime Minister’s house (Sonia Maino) and the President’s Bhawan (Usha Tin Tin).

Not one of these females was ever investigated by the vast number of INFERIOR Hindu editors and journalists. The task of “indigenising” them was done admirably by “Pakistani” Muslims (e.g., MJ AKBAR** of “The Asian Age”) and their newspapers that are read by tens of millions of clueless unsuspecting Hindus across the land.

(** NB: Each and every Muslim in India is a Pakistani as per “ACT OF PARTITION, 1947”, that divided the country into Hindu India and Muslim Pakistan!

If a COWARDLY weak kneed country cannot punish the criminal, it does NOT mean that the crime was NOT committed.)

6. Permitted and encouraged the vast film industry to caricature Hindu religion and way of life. NO action was taken against Bollywood which revelled in projecting Hindu/Sikh bashing, lewd immorality and gangsterism.

In most “Muslim infested” Indian films a Hindu is portrayed as a devious fellow, a Sikh as a gangster, but a Muslim as a rescuer of Hindu maidens in distress, and the Catholic as a man of great virtue and integrity. Ironically, the clueless Hindus themselves see these films as highly entertaining!

7. Deliberately fanned the culture of rampant corruption in order to impoverish the whole nation. It is said that nothing in the land of Lord Krishna and Guru Gobind Singh moves unless you bribe somebody.

Now and then we hear of other heads of states arrested and tried and imprisoned, even hanged and stood before the firing squad, for corruption, but NO such good news ever comes out of our “PARTITIONED & PULVERISED” Hindusthan.

8. Deliberately neglected EDUCATION. Congress has been afraid that education will “open the eyes” of the nation and THAT could spell disaster for the Party.

Now who is going to count the number of stalwart and brave Sikh young lads killed by the police force under Julius Ribiero and KPS Gill in EAST Punjab? They were OUR children. They were the sons and daughters of Hindusthan. They were NOT Pakistani, Afghan or BOGUSdeshis, or invaders from across the cease fire line in Kashmir.

They deserved good education, better career advice and job opportunities, happy life with families, and a secure future. But in the eyes of their Congress rulers they were “dust” and expendable, while every worthless offspring of a Gandhi was “gold”.

Hundreds of them dying made no news while Sonia or Rajiv catching a cold appeared as headlines.

These lads and lasses in “Reduced East Punjab” (with its capital on “union territory”!) ought to have been better EDUCATED, better equipped for jobs and even sent abroad on state scholarships for better education just like Nehru, Indira, Rajiv, Priyenka and Rahul.

Thousands of these young men, India’s very BEST manhood, were shot dead or forced to flee. Some escaped to foreign lands and begged for political asylum thus lowering India’s image and prestige immensely.

Whoever heard of an American or a British citizen arriving in India to beg for political asylum?

While Indian security forces were chasing, hunting and KILLING these badly educated and badly betrayed native boys and girls, the nation was being brutalised, and our ENEMIES rewarded.

While Julius Ribiero was sent to Romania as India’s ambassador and Indira Khanum’s dirty name was stuck on New Delhi’s International Airport- even on Kanyakumari in the South- these boys, who could have been the true Defenders of Hindustan and the Liberators of North Kashmir, were KILLED off.

They deserved a better fate! They were born AFTER 1947. They grew up and lived all their short lives in India under Nehru Dynasty. None of them had seen the British Raj. Their education and well-being were the sole responsibility of their native RULERS, especially the rulers who were so autocratic and powerful as to impose censor and news blackouts, and declare Emergency in peace time to shut up every mouth across the land.

Startling figures would come out if only a Commission were to probe into the vast fortunes of the Nehrus and Gandhis, starting with Jawaharlal and Indira, not counting all the foreign bank accounts and the “Foundations” in their names.


In the years before 1947 it was the ALIGARH MUSLIM UNIVERSITY that helped fan the fires of separatism, hatred of the Hindus, and Partition. Now it is the JLN (JAWAHAR LAL NEHRU) University that has taken upon itself the mantle of DISMANTLING the ‘Rest of India’.

Look at its useless finished products and its PhD’s who reject all that is original, pristine, native and HINDU in a land where the Hindus are more than 85% of the population.

Look at the “HINDU BASHING” literature and worthless trash of “scholarship” that is coming out of it like ideological poison. Not one of these PhD’s is fit for even a peon’s (chapraasi’s) job, yet they are in key positions in today’s mongrel India without any identity.

What is the true nature of Constitution of India that was written up for the well-being of foreign oriented MINORITIES, and for dividing and DESTROYING the Hindus while demoralising and INTIMIDATING the Sikhs?

Dr. Ambedkar, and all other despicable stooges of “Bandit” Nehru, who wrote up this document, could not grasp the implications of granting FULL FREEDOM to Islam in Lahore and Dhaka while tying up the hands of Hindus behind their backs in Delhi and Mumbai.

Islam enjoys full State protection and support in the two broken fragments of India while Hinduism in Bharat is denied support and protection by this Constitution. We can all notice the red carpet State reception for the Pope, and the week long STATE mourning for his nun from Albania, while every Hindu Shankaracharya is shooed away from Rashtrapati Bhawan.

Thus India is the only country on earth which is “Perishing by her own Constitution”!

Tolerating demolished Hindu Temples such as the ones at Varanasi, Mathura and Ayodhya, and countless more, the wanton attack on Golden Temple and the subsequent massacre of the Sikhs in 1984, and rampant corruption of the ministers, chief ministers and prime ministers, was only possible under such a ‘self destruct’ Constitution.

It does not mention Partition, nor any aspiration to reunification, and it does not declare the Muslims “persona non grata” in PARTITIONED India.

This Constitution, that is “licked” by Indian “COOLIES”, is the most ridiculous, treacherous and worthless Constitution of the world- just like the worthless imported “White Elephant” of India called “Rashtramata Soniaji”.

Under this “BLIND” Constitution every Hindu woman and girl is DEGRADED if a foreign-born female can pass through every security net and vetting procedure, and begins to reside in the Prime Minister’s house, and is subsequently enabled to take it over along with the rest of the country with all the wives and daughters of the Rajput warriors, Maratha patriots and Sikh “LIONS” in it.

Under this Constitution ALL the Hindus are funk and cowards. This Constitution does not recognize the merit of any Non Resident Indian (NRI) living abroad, and DENIES us dual nationality.

Terrified Indian scholars have not told the nation as to how many countries on earth DENY such a petty concession to their citizens living abroad.

This Constitution could not even free BROADCASTING from the control and clutches of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru.

Accepting such a Constitution means there is not a ”man” in sight from Kashmir to Kanya Kumari who could break the “dog collar” around the neck of Broadcasting in India’s Nehruvian “democracy”.

As per this Constitution, Congress is first class, Muslim League top class, but any party with the word “Hindu” in its title, belongs to the “DOG” class.

Let us not forget that Hindus are the MAJORITY community in PARTITIONED India who should have noticed Partition and the High Treason of Congress, and done something about it.

The Constitution does not WARN the nation in its Article 1 against the implications of Partition (not only in Kashmir), nor declares truthfully, “Without Lahore, the defence of Delhi is untenable.”

Hence the “All-India Congress Party” of Nehru and Gandhi (and of Manmohan Singh and Sonia KHAN, aka “Gandhi”), which is so contemptuous of India’s UNITY and her native HINDUISM, was to be EXTERMIANTED, that is, KICKED OUT of India as soon as it surrendered LAHORE unconditionally to Islam while professing secularism.

Retaining the Congress in India’s body POLITICS any more is like seeing the ship “SS BHARAT” floating listlessly and aimlessly, disintegrating and finally SINKING.

Its Soviet Union style ruthless, brutal and “adharmic” SOUL-LESS ideology of crushing the native religions is meant to make a kedgeree (“Eintopf”) of all the Indians lying flat under its jackboot, with the sole aim of feeding the monster that is- “ISLAM APPEASING / ITALY LICKING / HINDU BASHING / SIKH KILLING”.

Obviously NONE is in charge here. India's political and moral VACUUM, that resulted in the surrender of the whole of Western and Eastern India (Pakistan, North Kashmir, BOGUSdesh and Sylhet), the Chinese invasion of Tibet and the Russian invasion of Afghanistan, is now driving it down to the final CRASH that will result in civil war and total DISINTEGRATION.

We all, ONE BILLION HINDUS, are, at this point in time, helpless witnesses to the imminent Death of Delhi as we were to the Loss of Lahore.