Date: 3/24/2001


"INDIAN MAAYA" makes a (damn) FOOL of us.

Mr. KEITH VAZ, MP, is Britain's (PORTUGUESE-born) Minister for EUROPE. Now *that* is some "maaya"!

If Mr. Vaz was born in Goa before 1962, then surely he had PORTUGUESE passport on birth. So did his parents, his grandparents, his great grandparents and his great great grandparents, and ALL the ancestors back to the 16th Century AD.

If he is still "Indian", now THAT would be Indian "maaya", by which Jawaharlal Nehru was a patriot and Mahatma Gandhi a warrior who got us Independence, but NOT Partition.

Government of United Kingdom have sent Mr. Vaz as their representative to speak at the European Summit in Stockholme.

We think that is WRONG.

We believe that there should be legislation that a government ought NOT to send a minister abroad on official duty if he is facing enquiries, even widespread suspicion or rumours about his character or conduct.

Supposing Mr. Vaz speaks today for Britain at the European Summit, but finds himself in jail tomorrow for his corruption that he committed yesterday, what a mockery of our political system that would be?

Contrary to the blatantly dishonest official line that Keith Vaz is INDIAN, the fact is that until 1962 (when the Indian Army liberated Goa from the Portuguese colonial rule), he was PORTUGUESE, and he and his ancestors had been PORTUGUESE for some 400 years before that!

Mr. VAz comes from Goa which was NOT a British colony but a PORTUGUESE colony. There is a VAST difference in culture, religion, mentality, outlook, history, political loyalties, patriotism and legal systems between England, India and Goa.

He is as new and naive (CLUELESS) to India where Mr. Rajiv Gandhi was quick to forge friendship with him due to his own imported CATHOLIC wife Sonia, as he is in the United Kingdom where the Labour Party was only too eager to "grab" an "INDIAN" who is a PORTUGUESE by upbringing, education and mentality, even RELIGION and will "serve" the Indian cause as a crow would serve a swan's cause.

"How many Indians are Catholic?", one may defy our own "political correctness" and Mr. Vajpayee's "gentlemanliness", in order to ask this.

Even that "Son of Punjab", Mr. Inder Kumar Gujral, the former Prime minister of India, thought Keith Vaz was INDIAN when he consulted him on Queen's last visit to Amritsar, the Sikhs' holiest city.

It was like Mr. Blair consulting a Bulgarian on the design of a new convent school in Salisbury!

Finally, we are very upset both as genuine "Indians" and as citizens of the United Kingdom, at being represented by Mr. Vaz at the European Summit at Stockholm today.

Just as there are countless BETTER native Indian women on hand to live at Rashtrapati Bhawan in New Delhi than the President's own Burmese born 'evangelist' brat, there are also many better "INDIANS" on hand in the United Kingdom to represent us and Britain at any summit abroad.

We recall how corrupt Congress ministers in India "reduced" the people into virtual coolies who were just to "salaam" any mighty corrupt Gandhi for their livelihood and safety.

We pray that the honorable British PEOPLE never come to such low status.

-NRI FORCE- Europe